Luke Bryan’s Hunting Adventures “It’s All About Including Family”

Luke Bryan’s Hunting Adventures “It’s All About Including Family”

Publication date: January 8, 2024

Photo from Luke Bryan’s Instagram account

Luke Bryan’s Hunting Adventures “It’s All About Including Family”

By Movieguide® Contributor

Award-winning country singer Luke Bryan recently told podcast hosts Rob Stone and Holly Houghton about a fishing trip he wants to take with his family of four this year.

“I took a peacock bass fishing trip in the Amazon. My kids know I did it, and they want to do it,” the singer said.

Brian and his wife, Carolyn, have sons Beau, 15, and Tate, 13.

“It’s all about getting the family involved in these things as well,” Brian said. “I have a lot of crazy little things that we as a family will try to check off the list. You’ve done a really great job of brainwashing my kids into doing exactly what I like to do.

Brian loves to fish with his kids, and wrote a song called “Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day.”

Country 102.5 reported last year that “Luke Bryan had a great week of fishing ahead of the CMA Festival…Luke posted a series of videos and photos to his Instagram account of his fishing trips, including where he goes underwater to fish “Hand-fished, which is very impressive. His sons are on the boat.”

“Last fishing trip before the tour starts. “Flintdavisfishing and I had a great few days,” Brian captioned the post.

“Wow, well, I guess now you just love to hunt and fish and love every day,” said Katy Perry, who judges alongside Bryan on AMERICAN IDOL.

Movieguide® previously reported how Brian’s sons view him as their father rather than a successful singer:

Country singer Luke Bryan says his children are unimpressed by his star status.

“For them, I’m just a dad,” he told People. “I’ll never forget Father’s Day, my 15-year-old son saying, ‘Happy Father’s Day, Dad, to the man who has more fun than anyone else.’” I loved that quote.

“I mean they totally understand it now when they start googling dad’s accomplishments and reading all the chatter about net worth of all this, and you have to sit down and explain a lot of things with them,” Brian said. . “Tate realizes that maybe Dad can make a call to the coaster park and get some fast passes to ride the coaster, but we send them on rides where they have to wait in line — it’s just a balancing act.”

Just as Brian still makes his kids wait in lines at theme parks, he’s not about to spoil teenage Bo when it comes to buying a car for the first time.

“He tried to snatch it away,” the singer said. We realized very quickly: “You don’t understand this.” He wants a big truck, and we’ll get him something, but we won’t get him what he wants, let’s say that.

Brian has previously spoken about his struggles with Beau behind the wheel.

“He grew up on the farm driving side-by-sides and things like that,” Brian explained. “I just assumed it would translate to being on the highway. It didn’t. But hey, we got him rocking and rolling, and now we’re just trying to figure out what the first vehicle of his life will be.”

In addition to fishing trips and AMERICAN IDOL activities, Brian’s concert tour is on the agenda for 2024. So far, details about the tour are scarce.

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