Looks like we know what Destiny 2’s three post-final skin episodes are all about

Looks like we know what Destiny 2’s three post-final skin episodes are all about

While all eyes are on The Final Shape, the final “Light and Darkness” expansion for Destiny 2, Bungie has at least given us enough information to know that they’re not doing something drastic like halting development of the game, recent issues or not.

We’ve been bundled into a new non-seasonal format that’s still…somewhat seasonal, but with three, not four, of them and longer, more thematic swaths of content. But at this point, there have been enough hints about the direction things are going that I think we know the focus, or at least part of the focus, on what has already been announced.

Echoes, Vex Ring – This is probably the most mysterious, but as of this week, I think we’ve gotten some strong hints that it has to do with a Vex research team in the Ishtar Cluster. We’ve just seen the Ishtar Symbol inside the Black Garden, where we know the original team was exploring versions of it. There are hints that other versions may have previously made contact with the missing Vault of Glass fireteam Warlock, Praedyth. Also, after explaining Maya Sundaresh’s research on the Veil, my theory is that she lives on after death, and may appear as a Vex-filled antagonist, since we never get an actual “face” of that race that we can hate. . Asher Mir may also appear.

Revenant, Ring of Contempt – Again, we’ve gotten hints of this in past seasons, and now a lot this season in particular. We know that there is a faction of Skorn loyalists who work for Fakrul, specifically outside of the Witness’s plans, although he is known to use Skorn in his own armies. The Warlord’s Dungeon of Ruin discusses Crow at length, and the implication is that the disdain there is from the House of Kings, who are closely related to Uldren in Crow’s past life. We’ve killed Fakrul a few times but he’s effectively immortal, and it seems fairly obvious that he’s going to be the focus of this episode here as the only real Scorn continues to lurk and scheme in the background.

Fad, ring cell – Here, again, it seems quite clear which cell we are prepared to focus on. We know that Savathun has been revived and is now off to do something while we hold her ghost hostage. The events of Season of the Witch cause Iris to use the power of the Hive God to cut off Xivu Arath from her throne world, making her human and vulnerable to being hunted down and killed. theoretically. The only caveat here is that it’s hard to imagine Savathon not being involved in the final figure in some significant way, and I am could Watch something like The Witness transporting Xivu Arath through the Traveler Portal to serve as a last line of defense, and perhaps as a campaign boss. But we don’t know, and I’m spending my money on both sisters who feature heavily in this episode.

These are my theories based on what I believe is very strong evidence over the past year. Let me know what you think.

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