Looking back: Two boys found a dead body in the canal while they were fishing, and mother and son disappeared

Idaho Falls – EastIdahoNews.com takes a look at what life was like during the week of September 4th through September 10th in the history of Eastern Idaho.


island park — The Rigby Star reported that “a severe electrical storm” struck Island Park in September 1922.

In her paper dated September 7, 1922, she said the storm was “one of the fiercest electrical storms ever seen by the ancient inhabitants.” Not only did the storm damage large pine trees and knock down many of them, but a lightning strike killed nine “good horses”.

“These horses, becoming frightened by the display of flashes, came out of the woods into open draft and huddled together in their terror when the bolt struck them, and piled the nine into one great heap.”

The Rigby Star said for an hour that it was almost possible for anyone to read a newspaper from the light of the flashes because they “(were) so close together that they almost kept going”.


street. Anthony — Two boys discover a body in a canal in St. Anthony while fishing along the bank of the canal, the Idaho Falls Post reports September 8, 1936.

LaVar Nelson, 34, of Idaho Falls, drowned in the Iegin Canal. His body was found in a ditch, a short distance below the canal head gate at the Utah Power & Light Corporation’s power center.

“After draining the water from the canal, the body was exhumed and taken to Hansen Funeral Home where it will be kept until funeral arrangements are completed,” the article explained.

The coroner said the death was accidental.


Pocatello — The Idaho State Journal reported on September 6, 1974 that a man’s foot slipped off his car’s brake while entering his garage and he “carried on just fine.”

Roland Schmidt accidentally ended up crashing into the side of the KSEI radio building. Damage to the KSEI building was estimated at $1,100 and $1,000 to his private garage.

The accident also ruptured a gas line, “creating an explosion hazard until the lines were shut down by the Pocatello Fire Department.” Police have not issued any citations.


Pocatello — A 35-year-old Pocatello woman with leukemia and her two-year-old son have been reported missing, the Idaho State Journal reported on September 8, 1976.

Janice Darlene Walworth and Lucas Lee Walworth were the missing. The article stated that Janice needed daily medication for her illness. The two were last seen early in the morning near the Alameda railroad crossing between McKinley and Yellowstone.

Anyone with information was asked to contact the police.

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