Look at updates on winter fishing and hunting seasons

Look at updates on winter fishing and hunting seasons

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) is gearing up to captivate audiences at the Bing Crosby Theater in Spokane on February 16. The event, hosted by Spokane Riverkeeper and sponsored by Silver Bow Fly Shop, promises a visual display of fishing films and raffle prizes. And more. Notably, all proceeds will advance Spokane Riverkeeper’s efforts to conserve the Spokane River.

Fly fishing under unfavorable conditions

With the local rivers currently unsuitable for fishing due to weather conditions, anglers have turned to Rocky Ford as their favorite spot. Typical patterns used include scud, medium pupae, and small mayfly nymphs, making for an exciting fishing experience. Rufus Woods Reservoir, on the other hand, has been luring fly anglers to its middle net pens near Nispelem Creek, reeling in large triploid fish.

Ice fishing for walleye in winter

While perch fishing at Curlu Lake has slowed since January, most successful catches have been found in the deeper water north of the state park’s Big Island. However, ice fishing conditions vary across different lakes. Some boast solid ice suitable for fishing; Others offer open water at their edges. In contrast, the lower third of Lake Roosevelt is teeming with trout fishing, and the Tri-Cities area has become a hot spot for walleye fishing, especially downstream from McNary Dam.

Winter steelhead and clam digs

Mountain whitefish fishing is increasingly popular, and the season is scheduled to end at the end of February. Kokanee fishing at Hayden Lake rewards anglers with 14-inch catches, while Chinook salmon fishing at Lake Coeur d’Alene is decent, with catches up to 3-4 pounds. Northern pike fishing has been productive in some bays, with catches topping 35 pounds this spring. February is peak wild winter fishing for steelhead in Western Washington, with catch-and-release opportunities abound in the Skagit and Sauk Rivers, and spawning fish are available in the coastal areas and lower Columbia. Shellfish are expected to be dug up on coastal beaches, with several dates confirmed after marine toxicology tests.

Big game hunting seasons end, small game continues

The Puget Sound crab fishing season stops until the summer, but the coastal areas and Columbia River remain open to various crab fishing gear. While most big game hunting seasons have ended, some small game hunting seasons, including lynx, fox, raccoon, cattail, and hare, still continue, providing ample hunting opportunities for hunting enthusiasts.

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