In the photo, Reverend Les Buc carries the person who did not escape. Les hooked this Florida String Bass while fishing on our backyard lake, Lake Mendocino. It is truly a man hunter and bass fisherman. (Contributed)

Alright alright alright! Finally, the fall hunting season has come! The kids are back in school, and the last summer vacation is over. This means that our local waterways are once again coming back to us, the anglers! The fall hunting season isn’t just about quiet. I think September, October and much of November is the best time of the year to fish for bass. Why is it you may ask? Let me tell you. In the spring, seabass feed after a long winter slump. But they also have a spawn on their mind. You might say that fall is all about food. When water temperatures start to drop (as they are now), it spurs the bass to continue feeding the frenzy in preparation for winter. So, “My dear!” Hello! Autumn hunting season is here. Don’t use the LoliJock, go fishing now!

Lake Mendocino – Bass fishing in our hometown lake has continued to be very good. Like all bass-producing lakes, the early morning hours are the best time to get out on the water. The top water bite begins at dawn until about 7:30 am, then moves into 20 to 25 feet of water and drops or slowly pulls up a small brush or sweet beaver. Some of my friends were also catching a nice swim bait, moving it slowly along the bottom.

Lake Pillsbury – Our mountain lake has shrunk…a lot. And those who got out of the water had to do so in a kayak. The road out of Potter Valley is full of washboards and is very bad at the moment. Recently, bass fishing has become excellent. Top water early so around 8am works fine. After that, go to deep water and shoot. The bite is done by 10 am

Some trout are caught fishing along the western side of the lake during the early morning and late evening. good luck!

Clearlake – The water was in pretty good shape. Yes, there is still a little algae along the shoreline in some spots. However, with the lake level higher than it was last year, our #3 rated sea bass fishery is the place to fish for sea bass right now. And the cool autumn evenings will still kill algae and turn on the sea bass to bite. Oh man, just by using loads of bass, you can’t beat hunting along the highway. 20 district and narrows by the lake. Many hunters have had success with slowly hauling or dropping the sweet beaver.

Lake Sonoma – Cherry and Yorty Creeks are still top fishing spots. Dropping the plastics in and slow pulling worked just fine. I also had a success report from a fisherman who caught a small, wacky style, weightless Senko worm-colored fish. Again, the bite is best during the morning hours.

Mendocino Coast – Nothing good to report! nothing!

When the California Department of Fish and Game changed its name to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, everything changed for us anglers. Everything is closed! It’s as if the state views poachers as “the bad guys!” Hunters you are next!

Thanks for reading and remember to keep it reel. DON = 4REEL FISHIN

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