LEGO Fortnite teases catch in mysterious post

LEGO Fortnite teases catch in mysterious post

LEGO Fortnite is still a work in progress, and as such, Epic Games plans to add content to the mode slowly over time. While there are some leaks suggesting possible new content, such as NPCs and items/weapons/gadgets, none of it can be confirmed at this time. However, Epic Games appears to be offering hints about what players can expect next in LEGO Fortnite.

They’ve added a teaser of sorts on their official blog mentioning the content coming to the Fortnite v28.20 update. At the end of the blog they mention:

“In our version 28.30 update, expect a lot of fun…”

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It looks like fishing is coming to LEGO Fortnite. Since it’s been part of the Battle Royale mode for years, it makes sense to add it to the mode. Unfortunately, leakers/data miners were unable to confirm whether this mechanic/feature will actually be added to LEGO mode during the next update.

The only evidence available is that Epic Games mentions the word “reel” in its blog. Since they have a habit of using wordplay as teasers, this is probably something hiding in plain sight. However, here’s what players can expect if hunting comes to LEGO Fortnite.

LEGO Fortnite will be “enjoying” some exciting content soon

Since fishing has been part of the game for a while, it won’t be entirely new in itself. However, since the LEGO game mode is so radically different from Battle Royale, there will be some key differences when it comes to fishing.

For starters, since LEGO mode is survival-based and resource-based, fishing spots are supposed to reappear after a certain amount of time. This will be the opposite of what is found in Battle Royale mode. Another major difference would be making hunting in LEGO mode more dynamic. Instead of just consuming fish caught straight from the water, players will have to cook them first.

They will likely be able to combine it with other ingredients to create a more satisfying meal. Complex recipes will definitely be part of your fishing. As such, different fish are likely to give different effects as well. This can already be seen in-game with the many types of food available. Different baits will also likely be needed to catch different types of fish.

If Epic Games pushes the boundaries of creativity, players might be able to create fish farms as well. Instead of venturing into different biomes to catch different fish, they could farm fish near their village. Since farming is already a part of LEGO Fortnite, this isn’t a strange idea in the long run.

Finally, similar to the difference in rarity of tools/weapons in LEGO Fortnite, fishing rods will likely follow suit as well. This will encourage players to craft better equipment to make it easier to survive in the open world in the long term.

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