Lakers trade rumors: Draft picks, D’Angelo Russell holds off on Murray trade

Lakers trade rumors: Draft picks, D’Angelo Russell holds off on Murray trade

It’s pretty clear that the Hawks and Lakers have made progress in a Dejounte Murray trade with a slew of reports emerging on Monday the clearest sign of that. Negotiations between the two sides are largely a given now, but those discussions have also hit an obvious wall.

By and large, the message has been clear from multiple reports that there are two main things holding up Murray talks: draft picks and a landing spot for D’Angelo Russell.

Let’s start with Russell, who had one of his best performances of the season against Portland and is in the midst of a solid month of bounce back after a bad December. However, this did not change the trade value of the veteran keeper, as he had a longstanding reputation as an in-form goalscorer.

Because of that and what could be a misfit alongside Trae Young, the Hawks don’t appear to be interested in Russell as part of a trade and would need a third team to take him in order to complete the job. an agreement.

On ESPN’s NBA Today show on Monday, Adrian Wojnarowski discussed Russell’s situation on the trade market (h/t Evan Sidi/Twitter).

“If he’s not the starting point guard somewhere, I think in a lot of these situations, you’re either going to have to offer more draft compensation with D’Angelo Russell or you’re going to have to find a third point guard. The team that’s going to need that to take his salary, “And again, if he’s not the starter. I think that makes it more difficult to find a matchup here in the trade.”

Furthermore, longtime NBA report Mark Stein and Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report discussed the Lakers and Murray on their podcast and explicitly said the Hawks have no interest in Russell.

“Even if the Lakers were willing to use their last available first-round pick on a bid for Dejounte Murray, it’s impossible for them to do this deal without D’Angelo Russell, and my sense is that the Hawks aren’t really interested in Dejounte Murray.” “Angelo Russell.”

This also raises the issue of the compensation project. On the same episode of NBA Today, Woj revealed that the Hawks would like to take back the top three picks they sent to acquire Murray. Not only can the Lakers not offer that, but no one in the league will. So, it’s nothing more than a hope and wish on this front.

And all of this leaves us where we are now, where the Lakers will either need to find a third team to reroute D’Lo and help facilitate this trade or find some way to bring up draft picks, which is probably not going to happen. It’s a staring contest and now the question is which side will blink first.

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