Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report 9/18/23

Walleyes are being caught in many locations around the lake. The North End continues to produce a good number of mixed trophy walleye. This part of the lake has been constant all summer and into the fall now.

The south end of the lake starts with some great limits too, all you have to do is find the fish. Electronics help, of course, but so does covering water.

The two methods for covering the water are spinners/crawlers and crankbaits. Both are still producing fish. A third popular technique that starts to appear more and more each week as the water cools is jigging with a frozen emerald shiner. Once you find the fish, this can be very effective.

Most fish are caught at depths of 18 to 32 feet, depending on where you are fishing. There can be a morning/evening meal along the coastal areas which are worth exploring. Shallow water can also be illuminated during the day if bait is present.

Areas around the lake with rocks contain good numbers of smallmouth bass. The southern shore between Long Point and Morris Point has many areas scattered with rocks as do the areas around Fares, Bridges and Garden Islands.

Saugers, big pike, jumbo perch and a few crappie in the walleye mix throughout the day of fishing.

On the river of rain… Some good fishing in the rainy river now. Walleyes, saugers, pike, smallmouth bass, crappies, Sturgeon, Suckers, and Bullheads are all included, depending on the technique(s) you use.

Walleyes continue to be caught in Four Mile Bay, along various beach breaks, bars and other parts of structure up and down the river. Trolling with spinners and crankbaits is still effective. Many hunters jump on prime areas and find success. It will get better as the water continues to cool.

Pike and smallmouth bass are caught casting beaches, coves, and areas with rocks or structure.

Sturgeon activity is also improving. Fall sturgeon fishing is usually excellent. Sturgeon season is open during the winter through spring.Up at the northwest corner… The NW angle is turning out some nice fish. Most anglers target walleye, but crappie and muskies are also favorites during the fall months.

Walleye are hanging on points, reefs, flats and neck down areas with the current. Good reports are coming from anglers using jigs, spinners and crankbaits. Some anglers swear by a jig and plastic or minnow. Others believe that moving with a spinner or crankbait is most productive. All three methods are fishing.

Crappie are being found in 20 to 30 feet off points and around brush piles. Electronics helps to find schools.

Casting the beaches at this time of year will put a large number of species in the boat and is a lot of fun. Crankbaits, jigs, spinnerbaits, inline spinners, and bladed jigs are all good lures to work the beaches.

Muskies were active. Great reports as most muskie anglers fish across the border from Zawiya. With 14,552 islands, lots of sites, and lots of fish. Lodging, fishing and meal deals for fall and winter at

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