Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report 2/06

Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report 2/06

However, it is very important to stay on the resort’s icy roads and not go off alone. There are areas of thinner ice conditions, crevasses, etc. in the lake areas away from the ice roads. Many icy roads have restrictions on 3/4-ton and 1-ton pickup trucks as well as wheel homes. Check ahead.

Ice fishing across the resorts is in full swing. Some resorts use ice roads, allowing you to drive up to the heated fish house. Other resorts have groomed itineraries and will transport you on their own glacier transport. Nothing has changed, so many options.

The majority of ice fishing on the south end of the lake takes place in 28 to 34 feet of water. The way to go is to strike one line and use a live fish on the second line on a regular hook or ice fishing jig.

On the jigging line, jigging spoons with rattles tipped with a whole minnow or a piece of minnow in gold, fluorescent red, fluorescent white, pink, yellowish, or a combination of these colors, have been good.

On a dead stick, live minnows on a plain No. 4 or No. 6 hook, a colored hook or a small six-inch ice jig – one foot off the bottom are effective. Move the dead stick occasionally to keep the minnow moving and attract the fish.

A variety of fish including walleye, hawk, jumbo perch, pike, crappie, eelbut, tulips, and sturgeon are caught in the mix.

On the river of rain… Most ice fishing is done on the lake. There are two ice fishing resorts on the Rainy River. Know the ice conditions or work at a resort or clothing store for safety.

Some anglers who open water fish in the river during the spring are hoping to get an extra week or two this year. Mother Nature will determine!

Up at the northwest corner… Another good walleye bite at The Angle this week. Walleye, hawks, jumbo perch, eelbut, pike and some big crappie are in the mix.

The resorts have fish houses spread out in a number of good locations throughout the island area of ​​the lake on the Minnesota side.

The resorts also offer options for those who want to catch large black crappie on the Ontario side of the lake. Ask NW Angle Resorts.

Again, the one-two punch of jumping on one line and pinning the second line is the way to go. Electronics help a lot in determining what the fish want that day. Adapt based on how they interact or don’t interact with your offers.

Snowmobile trails from the south end of Lake of the Woods across the lake to NW Angle Resorts are open. Please stay on the road for safety.

Ice fishing is well underway. Come catch some walleye and hawks. Lodging, fish house rentals, ice fishing and meal packages at

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