Kill The Justice League reveals the playable Joker. No, not that Joker, but a different Joker

Kill The Justice League reveals the playable Joker.  No, not that Joker, but a different Joker

Rocksteady had what appeared to be the last Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game before it launches next week, with one focused on what happens in the live service portion of the game after the main campaign ends. They’ve revealed a roadmap for the full year, but what’s more urgent is to show what’s to come right after the launch in March.

That would be the Joker. No, not the infamous and now deceased Arkham Joker, but a different Joker. It’s complicated.

The idea Rocksteady is working with here is multiverse. As in, they can create alternate dimensional versions of characters for use in Kill the Justice League. So, in this case, this is the Joker who wasn’t a supervillain yet and was part of the Suicide Squad in his own dimension. But Braniak disfigured him here, and now he joins the team.

This is a very different version of the more classic Mark Hamill Joker we’ve seen across the Arkham games, as he is neither brought to life nor voiced by Hamill. Rocksteady says this is a more “vaudeville” version of the character, with a new look and a new voice.

This has been taken as further evidence that Rocksteady is really getting into this game, trying to bring back a knock-off of the Joker for their live service game, but after actually watching the demo… I kind of like it?

In fact, the new version of the Joker is rather refreshing, and if Rocksteady can make a truly iconic Joker, why can’t they do two?

Moreover, his gameplay looks really fun. Maybe more than the original four team members. He moves around using a rocket parachute, which not only allows him to float, but also flips it up to grind against buildings and rooftops in professional Tony Hawk style. It sounds goofy, goofy, but it actually sounds like a lot of fun?

I understand why the immediate reaction to the “fake Joker” here would be negative, but I think if you look at it in more than just a single screenshot, the concept actually looks pretty neat. As for the other heroes, we don’t know anything official yet, but they are said to be a mix of alternate reality multiverse characters and characters from the original Arkham universe, so we’ll see.

It remains to be seen how this game will play out, given the constant criticism it receives at every stage. We should know within a week now, once it launches early.

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