Kemmerer newspaper | Fishing closures have been announced for the Flaming Gorge Reservoir and Green River area

In order to protect the status of kokanee salmon and other species in Flaming Gorge Reservoir and the Green River below Fontenelle Dam, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department reinstates fishing closures annually. (Image courtesy)

green river – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of our diverse aquatic ecosystems. To this end, annual fishing closures are in place to protect kokanee salmon and other species in Flaming Gorge Reservoir and the Green River below Fontenelle Dam.

Inshore kokanee hatching is essential to maintaining and restoring the kokanee population at Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Research indicates that they make up a large percentage of the Kokani population, ranging from 50-80% depending on the year. A combination of good natural recruitment, maintaining stocking rates, and reducing predation is essential to improving kokanee fisheries.

“Although it is not illegal to catch kokanee during the fall, anglers must release them immediately. The Kokanee has put all its energy into laying eggs and dies soon after, so it should not endure additional stress if it can be avoided. said John Walrath, Green River fisheries biologist.

Anglers are encouraged to target other species this fall, such as lake trout, allowing kokanee to reproduce without added stress. Juvenile lake trout (under 23 inches) will begin grading to spawn in September, positioning themselves in 40-70 feet of water near their spawning areas.

In October, they will move to shorelines in 5-35 feet of water. Juvenile lake trout typically range in size from 16 to 23 inches and can range in age from 7 to 20 years.

Recent research has shown that they constitute a significant portion of the lake trout fishery and may consume 15-33% of their annual diet in kokanee, which may impact kokanee recruitment into the fishery.

Close Fishing in Flaming Gorge Reservoir:

• September 10 – November 30: All kokanee will be released into the water immediately. This closure is intended to protect the spawning of inshore kokanee, which is vital to the kokanee population of the FGR, where they make up 50-80% of the population.

• October 15 – Second Saturday in December: Linwood Bay is closed to night fishing. This regulation, imposed by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, is designed to protect trophy lake trout and encourage boating safety.

Green River Fishing Closing:

• October 1 – December 31: The Green River from Fontenelle Dam downstream approximately one mile from the US Geological Survey Station (Cable Crossing) at Weeping Rocks Campground is closed to fishing.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department reminds all anglers to respect these closures and regulations to ensure the long-term health of our fisheries in the Green River region. Although some areas are closed, fall fishing is still exceptional, especially for small lake trout.

For more information about these fishing closures and regulations, please visit the Flaming Gorge Management page or call the Green River Regional Office at 307-875-3223.

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