Janik Sinner is once again the victim of sensational heartbreak

When the US Open draw was announced two weeks ago, the first two names I looked up were Yannick Senner and Carlos Alcaraz. The two young crushers treated the world to five hours and 15 minutes of psychedelic tennis at last year’s Open, an ultramarathon that tennis experts treated as a prophecy and newbies like myself welcomed as a transformative experience.

If they could deliver a game like this – emotionally grueling, obscenely engineered, non-stop – I had to get more. Although the two players were seeded in the same box, Alexander Zverev denied Siner another shot on Alcaraz on Monday, to defeat the Italian 6-4 3-6 6-2 4-6 6-3 in a thrilling match. -Knighter of their own. Zverev wins in five sets The tournament’s longest match so far, at four hours and 41 minutes, wasn’t quite on the level of last year’s quarter-final, but that’s an unfair comparison given the stylistic differences between Zverev and Alcaraz. Where Sinner-Alcaraz was a beautiful display of shot-making and creativity, Sinner-Zverev was as much about top-level tennis as survival.

The crowded Arthur Ashe stadium was a low quality sauna. Both players needed to constantly dry up, fighting the limits of their complementary systems as much as they were fighting each other. Zverev snatched the first set from Sinner with powerful forehand strikes and a powerful ace. The dynamic began to gather: Zverev’s bigger, more accurate first serve kept him in good positions, his deadly forehands sealed the points, while Sener’s superb finishing gave him the advantage as he nullified Zverev’s early advantages and forced longer exchanges. . Sinner ramped up his game in the second set, breaking Zverev twice to take a 6-3 lead. Produce some real magic in processing.

And when Sinner seemed to be trying to take control of the match early in the third set, his body began to fail him. He was very damaged by convulsions He could hardly walk, limping around the field trying unsuccessfully to stretch himself. Sinner saved five break points in a blistering clash to level the score at 2-2, but Zverev avoided winning longer points and used less than his serve hour to force Sinner back into action as quickly as possible. It was a brutally effective tennis game. If you can’t stand, you can’t win, and the German would chop off Senner’s legs. It looked as if Karuta Boysa quintet of ardent Sinner fans, are quickly heading to Italy.

Instead of rolling over, you sinner Received a massage from a physio After the third set and take it to Zverev. A dismal (humiliating) scene became a dismal scene (five-star physical horror movie). Sinner dropped four break points in the first game, forcing Zverev to run towards the net to punish him and deliver remarkably flat forehands on corner kicks. His legs seemed to settle throughout the set when Zverev broke at the end, whistling and the pain doubled between points. The clock struck midnight, an eighth-grade cheerleader was expelled for shouting “the most famous Hitler phrase in this world,” according to Zverev, and Senner crafted the sweetest point of the night in the middle of the fourth set. And when he finally won the set, he barely celebrated. He didn’t even move hardly, staring at the place where Zverev had fired a forehand out of play, briefly looking up, and limping back onto the bench. This was not a night of victory, only a night of endurance.

I desperately wanted Siner to win, and although his form has diminished – he made 67 fouls, 21 more than Zverev – his fight was so great that I wasn’t disappointed even in the final result. It was clear that Sinner had completely emptied the tank, panting on the hard court, and that there would be no meeting with Alcaraz. Zverev won and The sinner left the court in tears.

It’s heartbreaking to see Sinner reach his limit and end up again as a character in someone else’s story. What draws me more to him as a player than his nurturing of Parmesan cheese, or the fact that we kinda look alike, or His karuta boysis that he has managed to succeed at a high level and be involved in some amazing matches despite having some holes in his game. He does not have a powerful or accurate serve, his shots come and go depending on the opponent, yet he must see when everything is right for him. The Sinner is what I want from a tennis player: someone who uses imperfect circumstances and sheer talent to create beautiful moments.

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