iPhone 16 Pro leaks, iPhone 15 Pro issues, Apple’s magic unboxing

iPhone 16 Pro leaks, iPhone 15 Pro issues, Apple’s magic unboxing

We take a look at this week’s Apple news and headlines, including the latest iPhone 16 leaks, iPhone 15 Pro issues, the App Store dilemma, Apple Pencil leaks, Apple Vision Pro reviews, and Apple’s unboxing magic.

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iPhone 16 camera upgrade

The camera remains a battleground for smartphone manufacturers. However, there is a difference in 2024, as the widespread use of AI is being promoted by many manufacturers. Apple’s plans on the AI ​​front are tied to iOS 18 (which will likely be unveiled in June at WWDC 2024). Until then, we have details on the hardware Apple will use to upgrade the Pro phones:

“…This year’s iPhone 16 Pro Max will have an advanced sensor in the main camera. It will reportedly not only be more advanced than the current iPhone 15 Pro Max, but it will also be larger. This is important because the race to get more megapixels is an empty race.” Unless accompanied by appropriately sized pixels, larger pixels can pull in more light than smaller ones, so a sensor with the same number of pixels, but larger, can perform better than a similar sensor. With a higher number of pixels.”


iPhone 15 customer satisfaction declines

Although the iPhone 15 Pro represents the best iPhone Apple has to offer, customer satisfaction has declined significantly from the iPhone 15, according to a Perfect Rec team report. Part of this may be due to the high expectations the Apple community had for the 15 Pro, expectations that Apple did not meet:

“We suspect that the early adoption phenomenon may also be responsible for the large changes in satisfaction rates on the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models between September and October. They may have had higher expectations for the phones and were somewhat disappointed by the incremental upgrades compared to people who purchased later in the cycle.” “It may have been upgraded from older models.”

(Perfect recommendation).

Apple’s iPhone problems continue

The iPhone modem is still an area where Apple can’t design and build its way out of dependence on Qualcomm. Purchasing Intel’s modem division in 2019 was part of a plan to move production in-house, a plan that has so far failed to produce a usable modem. This left Apple with no choice but to continue its relationship with Qualcomm. It confirmed this week that the deal will continue for another two years, until 2027.

“…Apple’s work on a modem chip has been delayed until late 2025 or 2026, and could see further delays. Apple initially aimed to have an Apple-designed modem chip ready to go by 2024, but missed that goal The company then wanted to introduce the modem chip in the iPhone SE, which will be launched in the spring of 2025, but it would not be able to achieve this goal either.


iOS 17.4 and the European App Store dilemma

Apple is — incredibly reluctantly — opening up its iPhone App Store and payment services. While Apple works hard to retain as much control over what can be installed on a phone someone buys, these changes are now available to the European public. Will that be the end of it?

“…Changes that allow competing app marketplaces to exist, and which alter Apple’s commission fees for app developers, will likely spread beyond the EU to affect everyone. The same will apply to tweaks for which the web browser is the default and while many will welcome the diversity As providers of apps and web browsers make it easier to use, Apple says the new system may be less secure.


New leak for Apple Pencil

The quiet accessory beloved by many iPad users is ready for an update. True to its name, the Apple Pencil has “Find Mu” capabilities to make it easier to find a lost stylus.

“The big news is that the software indicates that Apple Find My compatibility will be built into the next Pencil. This is a first for the Apple Pencil. It is not clear whether this means the next model will have an ultra-wide range or not.” If so, if you do that, you’ll be able to find the pencil precisely (although, believe me, it’ll often slip between the cushions on the sofa, so look there first).”


Apple Vision Pro review

Ahead of the public release, many reviewers received the Apple Vision Pro headphones and are quietly pushing the envelope now that they’re at home and not in the controlled Apple Demo space. While the technical prowess can be clearly seen, the human influence is finally evident:

“And the biggest trade-off of all is that using Vision Pro is a solitary experience, regardless of the weird ghost eyes in front. You’re there, having experiences on your own that no one else can participate in. After using Vision Pro for a while, I’ve come to agree with what he said Tim Cook for a long time: Headphones are inherently isolated, which is fine for traditional VR headsets, which have essentially turned into single-use gaming consoles in the past decade, but even more unusual for a basic computing device.

(the edge).

And finally…

What does it take to make a box for an Apple product? Truong Van goes on a deep journey to discover:

“As the first phase of the iPhone experience, Apple devoted thousands of hours to perfecting the package. There is literally a ‘wrapping room’ where a design employee will spend months unwrapping hundreds of prototypes – in different materials and shapes – perfecting the design experience (I need shots of Apple’s salaried designer A year of $500,000, and he is locked in this room and opens boxes once a year until his fingers bleed.”


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