iPhone 15 mockups provide a realistic look with fresh colours

Rumors have pointed to a set of muted colors for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, and we’ve got our hands on fake units that show it.

All colors of the new iPhone 15

We’re less than a week away from seeing the iPhone 15 lineup live from Apple, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor cycle. After a new batch of color rumors surfaced at the end of August, AppleInsider I got mockups that show those colors better than any other show.

iPhone 15 colors

There are five alleged colors coming to iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus: white, black, blue, yellow, and pink/red. The new colors are very light, like the rumors and offers circulating.

The black and white color options are not unlike previous generations, with a monotonous glossy back panel and matte sides. White has pure silver undertones, and black looks completely black against dark gray.

The blue, yellow, and pink options on the iPhone 15 units stand out against the lackluster Pro models by comparison. All of the new colors have been toned down from previous color offerings, a decision that is sure to be divisive among users.

Apple is currently selling the iPhone 14 in yellow, and the new yellow is more dull than that. The pink color is a far cry from the vibrant versions released in the past.

The dummy units feature rumored features as well, including a USB-C port, slightly modified design, and even a Dynamic Island on the front of the phones.

These dummy units contain SIM card trays, although they will likely not be present on US models. Apple kept it on some international models but otherwise moved to eSIM.

iPhone 15 Pro colors

iPhone 15 Pro mockups show the four colors that have been rumored recently: silver, space black, carbide gray, and blue.

Not all titanium grays show much contrast. Real Apple models will likely have more obvious differences for customers to choose from.

Space Black iPhone 15 Pro

Blue is the premium choice here, and Apple will likely be touting some fancy marketing names for this shade. And the doll appears to be a darker version of the ocean blue used with the iPhone 13 Pro.

The Pro dummy models also display many of the rumored features, including an updated design, an action button in place of a mute switch, and a Type-C Thunderbolt port.

Coming soon to Wonderlust

All will be revealed soon when Apple holds its Wonderlust event on September 12th.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro colors

The iPhone 15 lineup is expected to be announced alongside the Apple Watch Series 9 and a minor update to the Apple Watch Ultra. There are only a few days left before we find out if the rumors are true or not.

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