In the editorial, Joe Borough vows, “I’ll play my game.”

One of the many reasons Pro Bowl left Orlando Brown Jr. to bring his Super Bowl ring from Kansas City to Cincinnati over the offseason is the way Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow works in the pocket.

And even though he’s only done three collegiate workouts with him, the Browns aren’t concerned with their timing and are convinced Boro will show up like many of his titles in time for Sunday’s opener (1pm – Cincinnati Local 12) in Cleveland.

“He looks ready,” Brown said after training on Wednesday. “His body looks great. I think he’s more than ready.” “At the end of the day it’s all about muscle memory. That’s the majority of football. He’s a great midfielder who does a great job before the shot, gets the ball out during the shot, and figures out who he wants to get the ball to.” Immediately. This is not a concern.”

This is how his locker room seems to react.

“Hell, yeah, he’s ready,” said wide receiver Tyler Boyd, the longest-serving Bengal on offense as he prepared for his eighth opener.

There’s no doubt that Burrow sounds like, well, the Burrow of legend (“If it comes, they’ll build it”) and the song (“Run, pass or boot”). There are those who work closely with Seamless Joe who believe he’s the best he’s looked physically on the eve of the opening game in the past two years. Burrow himself says he’s spinning it like never before.

He also agrees with what everyone has been saying since he developed a strained calf on July 27, which by the way seems to be two years ago. There is no comparison between what he feels now and what he felt last September 6, when his appendix was removed six weeks later.

“I was able to keep lifting weights through the whole process, so I’m in pretty good shape,” Burrow said. “I was in good shape going into the first week. Very different from last year when I was trying to get back to full strength and full health. I feel so much better going into the first week this year.”

Burrow’s midweek press conference is usually a version of Good Vibrations, and this one, his first since July 26, was no different. He removed any Opening Day angst with another full endorsement of ownership and coach Zack Taylor on the subject of extending his contract while delivering a love letter to the Who-Dey Republic.

“This is where I want to be. This is where I want to be for the rest of my career,” Burrow said. “We’re working towards that. I’ve seen what the front office has done and what Zach has done during his time here. I’m a small part of that. And I’m excited to be a part of that.” Talented and excited to go and do it in Cincinnati. We have the best fans, so this is where I want to be.”

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