I worked at Apple, and these iPhone hacks are battery life savers

I worked at Apple, and these iPhone hacks are battery life savers


The average American checks their phone an average of 96 times a day, or once every 10 minutes.

To better handle this frequent use, a former Apple employee revealed the best battery-saving tricks to let users check their texts and scroll through TikTok throughout the day.

Tyler Morgan, who goes by @hitomidocameraroll on the app, worked in sales at Apple and recently received 11.1 million views for revealing the best tips and tricks to make your battery power last as long as possible.

First, he warned that users should never charge an iPhone to 100% or overnight.

Instead, he recommended only allowing the battery to reach 80% because it ages chemically when it continually reaches a full charge.

“Go to Settings, Battery, Battery Health & Charging, turn on (Optimize charging). If you want to be really careful, set it at 80%,” Morgan said as he walked users through the process.

Tyler Morgan, who previously worked in sales at Apple, recently racked up 11.1 million views and revealed his best tips and tricks for making your battery power last as long as possible. Prima91 – Stock.adobe.com

Morgan also recommended users turn off background activity by going to Settings, then General and tapping Background App Refresh.

He explained that all the applications that appear on his screen are running in the background and using battery power to stay updated, but they can be switched to updating only via Wi-Fi or only when they are opened.

Then, users are advised to turn off location services for apps they don’t use. To do this, he directed people to go to Settings, Privacy, Security, Location Services and choose which apps use location services at certain times.

He cautioned that users should never charge an iPhone to 100% or overnight. tiktok.com/@hitomidocameraroll

For those who don’t rely on their mobile personal assistant, Morgan suggested iPhone users turn off the “Hey, Siri” feature under Siri and Search, which activates the software when someone says that phrase — and has become an issue for some people called Siri.

The former Apple worker also recommended users switch to Accessibility and Motion and tap Reduce Motion to save battery life.

When possible, Morgan advised users to turn off automatic updates, and turn off brightness and Bluetooth, which he admitted “will worsen your phone experience” but will help if you want to “preserve your battery badly.”

But in addition to making the battery last longer, Morgan also showed his viewers how to use their iPhones more efficiently.

Morgan advised users to turn off certain features such as automatic updates, background activity, and location services. tiktok.com/@hitomidocameraroll

When you initially open the Camera app – which by default always reverts to the still camera feature – simply hold down the shutter button and the video feature will activate. Moving your finger up and down on the screen while holding will allow you to zoom in as well, “like TikTok or Snapchat.”

Next, show viewers how to make one-handed texting easier, if it’s hard to “reach all the way through your phone” to press the “a”, “q” or “z” keys, for example.

There’s a one-handed keyboard option, which can be accessed by holding down the globe icon at the bottom left of the keyboard – the same option that also allows you to switch the keyboard language. When the pop-up window appears, you can choose which truncated keyboard you prefer, whether it condenses to the right or to the left, depending on which hand you use to type.

The useful hacks come after iOS 17 developers initially faced rapidly draining batteries and expressed privacy concerns.

The latest iPhone OS 17.2 software upgrade comes shortly after two recent rounds of bug fixes related to virtual car keys and financial features, among other security concerns.

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