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As with most relaxing games, learning how to fish in Fae Farm will be one of the basic tools you learn and a great way to earn money in the early game process.

Fortunately, you’ll receive your fishing rod pretty quickly at Fae Farm, however, it can be confusing figuring out how to fish at first, if you need bait, how to upgrade fishing gear and more.

Join us as we answer all of these questions and provide a complete guide on how to catch fish in the game and make the most gold fast.

How to catch fish on Fay Farm

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If you follow the in-game tutorials, you’ll meet Eddy the Mariner, the local fishing expert, during your first few days in Azoria.

Eddie will give you a fishing rod to practice with. To successfully fish at Fae Farm, follow these instructions:

  • scroll your Tool wheel Until the fishing rod is selected
  • Press and hold the left mouse button and leave to release
  • when the fish is near Left button to jiggle the line
  • Repeat this process until the fish notices and moves towards the rod
  • when a fish bites, Press and hold the left mouse button
  • Let go when the line appears red
  • Left click and hold again when the line turns white
  • Repeat this process until you are done with the fish
  • If you hold down the left mouse button when the line is red, you will lose the fish

If you start to run out of energy during your hunting time, you can consume any cooked food to replenish your energy bar or collect any of the green orbs scattered around town.

These green orbs are small streams of energy that can help replenish your bar when you interact with them.

How to upgrade your fishing rod in Fae Farm

Screenshot showing the fishing rod upgrades in Fay Farm

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You can increase your chances of getting rare fish if you invest in upgrading your fishing rod. To do this, just ask to see Eddy’s shop when you talk to him.

Eddy has the following upgrades available:

  • strong penis Requires third hunting level
  • advanced rod – Requires fifth hunting level
  • Mr. Rod – Requires seventh hunting level
  • For more tips for Fae Farm check out our Fae Farm Romance guide it contains all dateable characters and how to unlock them are included

The most profitable fish for sale at Fae Farm: spring and summer

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If you are looking to earn extra money, fishing can provide you with a steady income, especially in the early stages of the game.

The following fish can be found:


selling price



20 gold florins

Close to the Docs & Eddie store, along the coast. Found in spring

rainbow trout

35 gold florins

Inside the upper tables and to the left of the house. Normally, it emits glow inside the water. Found in Spring and summer

River cod

20 gold florins

along river roads

rock fish

35 gold florins

Available all year off the coast, during sunny weather


35 gold florins

Off the coast, pier area. It can be found throughout the year And in any weather, but rarely.


35 gold florins

They are found only on the coast in rainy weather spring.

black carp

20 gold florins

Freshwater fish are found in rivers summer

salted fish

35 gold florins

Freshwater fish, check riverbeds. It is usually found in warm weather and sunny days summer.


20 gold florins

Found on the beach in summer

To sell any products or items on Fae Farm, just click on any of the items red tables In the City center Select the items you wish to sell. Then, at the end of the day, you will receive your money.

You can also buy a kiosk from boss affiliate Merchant Guild, Pearll 2,000 gold florins. The kiosk can then be placed on your home plot which means you can sell eight spaces value of products without having to travel to town every day.

This concludes everything you need to know about upgrading tools in Fae Farm including which NPCs to visit, how to get ore and craft seals. For more Fae Farm content, visit our homepage or check out our Fae Farm farming guide which has the best crops listed.

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