Hunting Report: September 8 | mountain sports

Autumn kicked off with another dose of cold, wet weather last week. There are already patches of yellow, orange, and red in the fallen trees and bushes up and down the valley. As schools reopen and the fishing season begins, the rivers are experiencing very little pressure. Cool air and water temperatures will turn the gates to midday, signaling to trout that it’s urgent time to feed because winter is just around the corner. Fall is a great time to be a hunter in Wood River Valley!

Expect to find short windows of decent dry fly fishing with Baetis and Calibaetis during the more pleasant time of day. On cloudy and cool days, the Baetis size 22 and 24 can be great. Mahogany Duns should also become a good option over the next few weeks. When the wind blows, try a hopper, an ant, or a beetle. Fish tend to lose their inhibitions through wind blowing at the surface and anglers can take advantage of this. This is also a good time of year to try nymph fishing or streak fishing. Those who have fished the creek regularly know this has been a challenging season, but the large numbers of baby trout and abundant water bode well for the year ahead.

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