How to upgrade Tools, Critter Net, Fishing Rod, and Magic Wand

In this guide for Fay farm We’ll tell you how to upgrade your tools and other equipment, including your fishing rod, creature net, and magic wand, so you can carry out your daily tasks more efficiently as you delve deeper into the mysteries of Azoria.

How to upgrade tools in Fae Farm

Fae Farm How to upgrade tools

To upgrade your tools, you’ll need to visit Cinder, located in the Docks. If you’re having trouble finding it, open your world map, highlight the Docks area, then select it from the NPC list to bring up a marker you can follow that will lead you to it. Once you find it, open its shop to see the list of tools you can upgrade.

You will need ingots and florins to upgrade your axe, pickaxe, sickle, shovel and watering can. You can craft bullion using the Stone Forge crafting station. Raw materials can be found in one of the game’s dungeons: for example, copper and iron can be found in the game’s first dungeon, Saltwater Mines. Dungeons will unlock as you progress through the game’s story, so if you can’t upgrade your tools further, progress through the story to unlock the next dungeon.

Fae Farm How to upgrade tools

How to upgrade your fishing rod

To upgrade your fishing rod at Fae Farm, you’ll need to find Eddy, located in Stay-A-While Bay. If you’re having trouble finding it, open your world map and highlight it from there.

You will need golden florins and to achieve the required level of fishing skill to upgrade your fishing rod. To increase your fishing level, you will need to catch fish, as rare fish (rainbow) have more experience than regular fish. Just keep catching them until you reach the required level, and then you will be able to upgrade your penis.

How to upgrade your Critter Net

To upgrade the Critter Net at Fae Farm, you’ll need to talk to Mel, who can be found in West Town. Show your world map if you’re having trouble finding it.

Fae Farm How to Upgrade Fishing Rod Tools

You will need Florins and the required level of Catch Creature skill to upgrade your Critter Net. To increase your creature hunting level, you will need to hunt creatures, as rare (rainbow) creatures have more experience than normal creatures. Just keep catching them until you reach the required level so you can upgrade your Critter Net.

How to upgrade your magic staff

Your magic staff will automatically upgrade itself as you progress through the story and learn new spells, and is not tied to any NPC or your magic skills. Just keep doing story missions and your magic team should upgrade itself every time you learn a new spell.

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