How to Unlock a Special World (Entry Locations) – Super Mario Bros. Wonder

How to Unlock a Special World (Entry Locations) – Super Mario Bros.  Wonder

Like other Super Mario Bros. games, In 2D, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has a special world full of very difficult levels that you can try. Similar to Super Mario World, these levels can be accessed by finding hidden warp points in different worlds. This page includes where to find all known warp points and the Special World entry locations that allow you to access different points of the Special World.


World 1 – Special global warp point in the Rock Pipe Plateau

In World 1, head towards the Pipe-Rock Plateau Palace, then head up at the intersection to reach the Bulrush Express Level. Using the Elephant Power-Up, crash into the wall after getting the Wonder Seed to find a secret exit.


You’ll then have to progress through the plateaus and complete the Sproings in the Twilight Forest, Cosmic Hoppos, and Jet Run I Expert Badge Challenge. When you complete these levels, a warp point will appear at the top of the plateau.

This will be the first warp point that will take you to one of the starting points in the Special World, starting with the level, Pipe-Rock Plateau Special Bounce, Bounce, Bounce.

World 2 – Fuzz Puff Peaks World Special Warp Point

In World 2, you can search along the right side of the second explorable area in Fluff-Puff Peaks to find the correct path to the level called Jump! Jump! Jump! This will open the way to the Spring Feet I Expert Badge Challenge. Complete this, and the warp point will open along the clouds to the far right.

This will be another departure point for Special World, starting with a new point in the level, Fluff-Puff Peaks Special Climb to the Beat.


World 3 – Bright Falls Special World Warp Point

Unlike the other worlds, the path to the Special World works a little differently, as there are no secret exits leading to it. Instead, just visit the Royal Seed Mansion at the top of Shining Falls and talk to the Poplin Master again. When he notices you’re back, he’ll ask if you’re looking for more challenges, and will offer you a path to a Legendary Challenge (which may require you to complete each level in the world first).


It will open a path just to the left of the Royal Seed Mansion, leading to another deviation point into the Special World, and starting a new point with the level, Shining Falls Special Triple Threat Deluge.

World 4 – The global warp point of the Sunny Desert

In World 4, travel to the right of the castle and pay 50 coins to rebuild a bridge to the Secrets of the Shova Mansion level, and find the secret exit in the last room by pushing the green block into the hole. This will reveal the path to the Flight of the Bloomps Challenge and the Invisibility I Expert Badge.

This will unlock a Warp Point to Special World on the last platform, leading to a new starting point in the Special World, starting at the Sunbaked Desert Special Pole Block Allure level.

World 5 – The global warp point for fungus mines


Similar to World 3, World 5 does not have a final castle, and if you revisit the PoplIn Rescue operation at the bottom of the mines where you obtained the World Seed, you can rescue them again to find a new path out of it, which will in turn reveal a new warp point.

This warp point corresponding to the route back to Petal Isles will lead you to the Special World instead, and forms a new starting point that leads to the level, Fungi Mines Special Dangerous Donut Ride.

World 6 – Deep Magma Swamp Special World Warp Point


In World 6, you will need to obtain 25 Wonder Seeds to access the Jet Run II Expert Badge Challenge in the bottom layer of the left side of the Magma Swamp. By completing this level, as well as the Invisibility II Expert Badge Challenge and the Spring Feet II Expert Badge Challenge, you will unlock a new warp point in the far left corner.

This new warp point will take you to another starting point in the Special World, starting with the Deep Magma Bog Special Solar Roller level.

The special global warp point of the Petal Islands

Although it’s not a “world” so much as a central area, the Petal Islands have their own share of levels, meaning they also have a secret path to the special world. To reveal it, you’ll need to complete a full circle of carrots, which means that once you can head towards Worlds 4, 5, and 6, you can start collecting enough Wonder Seeds to reach the entrance to World 6. Right. Above it, complete the level, Wiggler Race Spelunking!, and a path will open to connect the entrance to World 6 back to World 1.

This will also open the entrance to a new private world just outside of World 1, creating the final starting point towards the center of the private world, starting at the level, Goomba’s private Petal Isles route.

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