How to get a microsecond regulator in starfield

Crafted components are some of the most complex resources in Starfield. Although you can craft them, finding the recipes and materials needed is a challenge. Exotic resources are among the most difficult, so we are here to help you get one of them. To learn more, read on to discover how to get microsecond regulators in Starfield.

Where to find a microsecond regulator in starfield

There are three ways to get a microsecond regulator in Starfield:

  • Buying from sellers.
  • Crafting in an industrial workbench.
  • Clear storage containers and enemies.

For those who are still early in the game or don’t have access to exotic crafting in the Industrial Workbench, you can purchase Microseconds from stores such as Trade Commission Stores or Jameson Mercantile in New Atlantis It is the easiest way to get this rare substance. To find it, head over to resources section and scroll until you see it. If it doesn’t show up, wait on the bench for 24 hours before rechecking the list.

Screenshot from Prima Games (click to enlarge)

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Occasionally, you can find the Micro Second Regulator as a rare random drop from enemies and storage containers. However, since it is an exotic ingredient, it is rarer than common substances and ingredients. Be sure to check any containers you find to see if you can get one as a lucky drop!

Depending on how many points you have invested in science, you may also be able to create a microsecond regulator in your industrial workbench. However, this requires unlocking Private projects ranked third, which you will find at the bottom of the science skill tree. Although it takes a lot of points to get here, it gives you an alternative option if you don’t want to spend credits on the item.

What microsecond regulators are used in Starfield?

Microsecond regulators are an exotic factory component used to complete research and craft projects. I first encountered it as a material needed for the “Receiver Mods” project. Although it is not used as often as items such as adhesives or sealants, you will still find it in recipes occasionally while browsing weapon mods and projects.

Starfield organizer microseconds on a research project
Screenshot from Prima Games (click to enlarge)

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