How to get a huge dragon egg in Palworld and where to find it

How to get a huge dragon egg in Palworld and where to find it

Sourav Panik

Giant Dragon Eggs are some of the rarest eggs to discover in Palworld, so here’s a guide on where you can find one and how to get one in the first place.

Palworld is filled with many Pokemon-like creatures known as Pals and elementals, some of which are very rare to find. These items are spread throughout the world in the latest version of Pocketpair, and as with other survival games, you need to be in the right location to get them.

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The Mega Dragon Egg is one of those essential and rare items you can find in Palworld and obtaining it makes it worth the effort. These eggs hatch powerful dragon-type friends, meaning you won’t need to worry about traveling places after finding one.

So, here is a guide on where to find the Mega Dragon Egg and how to get it in the game.


Pocket pair

Where to find a huge dragon egg in Palworld?

The thing about finding huge dragon eggs is… They spawn randomly In Palworld, which is similar to many other items in the game. This means you need to keep exploring until you finally find one.

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However, huge dragon eggs are mostly found in… High altitudes Like cliff edges or stone peaks. You will get a better view at high altitudes if you use a Pal plane such as a Chillet or Nitewing.

How to get a huge dragon egg in Palworld

Once you find a huge dragon egg in Palworld, simply press the button F button on your keyboard to collect them and add them to your inventory.

Image of Jormuntides in PalworldPocket pair

There are two different types of Jormuntides in Palworld.

How to hatch huge dragon eggs in Palworld

Like all eggs in Palworld, you will need sitter To hatch huge dragon eggs. It will take Two hours To hatch a huge dragon egg, which is the same as the hatching time for other huge eggs in the game on Normal difficulty.

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Ensure adequate heat is provided during the incubation period, either by increasing internal heating or using a fire element such as bushi.

All the friends that hatch from huge dragon eggs

At the time of writing, these friends have been confirmed to be hatching from massive dragon eggs:

  • Euromonted
  • Ignis of Yormont
  • Relaxasaurus

We will continue to update this list as we find more information in the coming days.

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