How to Fish a Tokyo Bass Spawning Rig

How to Fish a Tokyo Bass Spawning Rig

Sight fishing is not always an option due to depth, water clarity and cover. Professional angler Luke Clausen combats these challenges using a floating creature coupled with a Tokyo Rig delivery system. He shares a wealth of knowledge about bass behavior and how to get them to bite using precise casts and this innovative tackle setup.

Processing used (retail links)
  • TOKYO RIG – VMC Tokyo Rig HD Worm Hook, 3/0: Buy from Bass Pro Shops, Buy from Tackle Warehouse
  • Plastic – Z-Man Gremlin, Color – Pumpkin Green: Buy from Bass Pro Shops, Buy from Tackle Warehouse
  • Weight – VMC Tungsten Flippin Weights, 3/16 oz: Buy from Tackle Warehouse
  • ROD – Phoenix Feather Casting Rod, 7’1″ Heavy Duty: Buy from Tackle Warehouse
  • REEL – Shimano Curado 200 M Reel, 8.5:1: Buy from Bass Pro Shops, Buy from Tackle Warehouse
  • Line – Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon, 17 lbs: Buy from Bass Pro Shops, Buy from Tackle Warehouse
Preparing the boat

TOKYO RIG’s advantage in bass production

The Tokyo rig stands out when bed fishing. The drop wire and weight design keeps baits high off the bottom and in the face of bedding fish. The Clausen contrasts with traditional casting rigs, highlighting the Tokyo Rig’s ability to avoid tangles and present baits more naturally.

Choose plastic for spawning bass

Clausen stresses the importance of bait selection for spawning bass. You can catch fish with a range of soft bait types, but creature baits excel. They may seem more of a threat to the nest, but whatever the reason, Clausen likes to bait floating creatures with multiple appendages and some clumps that displace the water.

Tokyo platform weight considerations

Optimizing the weight on the Tokyo platform is crucial. Clausen prefers to go lighter when possible, with a 3/16-ounce jig ideal for keeping baits in the strike zone without compromising natural presentation. This strategy has proven incredibly effective for bass in shallow spawning conditions.

Clausen encourages closely monitoring the fish’s reactions and adapting your bait and how you use it to the fish’s mood. This includes choosing the right Tokyo rig for the job, experimenting with different plastics and colors, and using bait to stimulate the bed bass’ predatory instincts.

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Kobe Koenig

Kobe Koenig

Kobe had interned at Wired2fish for several years and they were eager to bring him on board full time once he graduated college. While fishing for his high school team and then Bemidji State, Kobe gained a solid foundation in bass fishing tournaments that helped him win the Minnesota Bass Association State Championship this summer. It’s a very good stick and has a great eye for capturing captivating shots while telling a compelling story.

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