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  • All the fish on Fay’s Farm and where to find them

Fishing has proven to be an essential mechanic in farming simulation games these days, and Fay farm The trend delivers, including a very relaxing hunting mechanic in the game. You will receive your first fishing rod from Eddie, the avid fisherman in Azorea, and will be able to fish all over town enjoying an abundance of different marine life.

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From common fish to rare fish you’ll struggle to catch, our guide explains all the places you can fish at Fae Farm, as well as what fish you can expect to catch at each location at certain times of the year.

This guide is in the works – we’re filling up our calendar and will update this guide as we catch more fish at Fae Farm.

How to catch fish

Fishing is one of the oldest mechanics you’ll learn in Fae Farm! During the introductory classes, the mayor will send you to Talk to Eddiewhich can be found outside his hunting shop Stay a while bay.

When speaking to him for the first time, Eddie explains his job as a fisherman Gives you your first fishing rod. To test it out and prove your fishing ability, he wants you to Catch any fish and return it to him.

His shop is located right on the water, so head to the beach and Cast your penis in the water after Select it from your tool loop.

Upon booting, you will see a growing arrow Stretching in the water with blue popper. This is your throw distance when you Release the button to throw the line.

Farmer throws at the Vai River fishing farm

Once in the water, you will need to Attract the fish’s attention. You can See the fish in the water, so you won’t go blind – quite simply Cast in line of sight fish.

Fish swim in a predictable pattern, therefore Watch the fish for a moment to get a sense of its pattern Before pouring to make sure the popper lands in a good place.

After you cast your line, wait for the fish to notice it. You can Jig your lure a little to get their attention, and when they’re done you’ll be instructed to do so Press and hold the button on the screen to pull the fish inside.

In fact, shaking the bait a few times is a surefire way to hook a fish—sometimes, they don’t even notice the bait is on its way until it shakes.

But the fish will Pull back and fight a battle. If you notice that your The line is red And the fish you tied it to A red cartoon struggle emoji above his head, Loosen the button For a moment – you will break your line If it gets too tight!

Fishing line is about to break in Beach Farm

Once you drag the fish to your farm, he will pull the fish out of the water.

They are entered directly into your inventory, and you will also receive a notification that you have a new entry in the calendar if it is a fish you have caught for the first time.

Upgrade your fishing rod to make your fishing easier

Like the rest of your Fae Farm tools, you can Upgrade your fishing rod like you Improve your hunting skill.

Eddie sells farms to the fishing master at Rod Fay Ranch

To do this, save some florins and get back there Eddy once again. Ask him or ask him Open shop When you talk to him, he will have a few bars available for purchase.

All fishing rods and the level they unlock

Rod’s name

The level is open

price (florin)


Strong rod



starting rod

advanced applicator



Strong rod

Mr. Rod



advanced applicator

You can see all of the rails in Eddy’s inventory from the start, but they don’t really become available until you reach the required skill level.

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All the fish on Fay’s Farm and where to find them

A farmer catches fresh fish from the Vai River farm catch

Finally, in the table below, we’ve broken down where you can find all the fish in Fae Farm. The table also includes seasonal beach oysters.

We’ve included where you’ll need to fish in order to catch them, as well as the season and time of day when you can expect them to come out.

It can be reviewed at Creatures and creatures Section of your calendar, which gives Information about time of day, location and season Where can you find this fish.

All fish on Fay’s farm










rock fish *





rainbow trout



River cod


black carp


little sea fish *


Faye world








Any fish mentioned above star next to his name Rare fishwhich will Sparkle and emit a rainbow When you see them in the water.

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