How Fish Finder Technology Impacts Your Fishing With Matt Herren

Matt Herren, a professional fisherman, is quick to admit that he’s not a fan of all the new techniques in fishing. But love him or hate him, he’s also upfront about the need to embrace fish-finding technique and boat control to remain competitive as a tournament angler. In this extensive, up-to-the-minute video on fish finding technology, Herrin discusses several key technologies that have changed the way we fish, which equates to finding fish faster and keeping them more efficiently than ever before.

The era of technology-based hunting

Herrin begins by detailing the paradigm shift in hunting methods. While referring to his experiences, he emphasizes the amazing advantage of modern technology over long-standing technology such as 2D sonar and manual boat control. Think forward-facing sonar and GPS-controlled trolling motors that digitally stabilize your boat.

The power of fish finders in action

Digging deeper, Herren showcases the power of side shooting and down shooting. Once akin to imagination, these tools have become the underwater angler’s eyes, allowing clear vision that dramatically reduces the time to locate prime fishing spots when used with precise mapping (cartography).

Mapping in action

Accurate terrain tools, in this case, LakeMaster mapping It is brought to the fore. Describing their transformative impact, Herren highlights how features such as ancient channel sway and hydrilla positions directly correlate with bass positions on this particular day at Texas’ famous Sam Rayburn Reservoir.

From observation to instant digital feedback

Herrin candidly recounts his development as a hunter. Go from relying solely on visual cues, instinct and time trialling the waters to find, catch and pattern bass. Now, we’re receiving real-time digital feedback from fish finders, with Herren explaining the sweeping technological change in the sport.

Practical insights for the modern angler

Herrin continues to go beyond providing technology. He delves into actionable tips—from setting up your fish finders to understanding the bottom terrain around your boat and tracking fish and bait in real time. No matter where you stand, a person’s fishing success can skyrocket with less time on the water.

Although not a guide on how to read fish finders, Herren delves deep into the technological revolution in fishing. From basic monitoring techniques to today’s precise digital feedback systems, Herren stresses his need, as a bass professional, to embrace the modern era to remain competitive.

Electronics and boat settings

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