How a wonky Christmas tree put March on the map

How a wonky Christmas tree put March on the map

  • Written by Rachel McMenemy and John Devine
  • BBC News, Cambridgeshire

Image source, Joe Simpson

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March Quality Meats said it was overwhelmed by the response after placing the store tree at an angle as well

A wonky Christmas tree that attracted international attention “put March on the map”, according to locals.

The 30ft (9m) tree in March, in Cambridgeshire, has a pronounced tilt at the top, with some liking it like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

People and businesses across the city have shared their love of the tree, inspiring copycat displays.

Marsh Town Clerk Sarah Lemon hopes tree haters have been “converted.”

Dozens of residents commented on the photo of the tree in a local Facebook group when it was first posted, and many mocked it publicly.

However, many have since seen the funny side, and are enjoying the unexpected attention Vineland has received.

Image source, John Devine

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The tree is located in the city’s market square, 35 miles (56 km) north of Cambridge

“It’s crazy how global it’s become,” Ms. Lemon said.

“I’ve had friends email and message me from Australia and New Zealand, and people have been wearing wonky locks in solidarity.

Image source, John Devine/BBC

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City Clerk Sarah Lemon said the response to the tree has been “insane.”

She added: “It has put March on the map and I am so happy about that.

“What started out as something negative turned into something really nice and hopefully we can convert the haters.

“We live in a world now where we accept and celebrate our imperfections, quirks, and imperfections. Our tree is not perfect.”

Image source, Joe Simpson

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Joe Simpson has placed the tree in his house at an angle

Joe Simpson, who works for a butcher in the town, said he was overwhelmed by the reaction he received after placing the store’s Christmas tree at an angle.

He said: “I thought everyone was complaining about this. It doesn’t look bad and maybe we should accept it, so I did it at work and then I did it at home as well.”

“I can’t believe how far the small town of Cambridgeshire Fenland has come and it’s almost everywhere.

“There’s a lot of doom and gloom, a lot of bad things happening, and a little laughter at Christmas time goes far and wide, and it’s wonderful.”

Image source, John Devine/BBC

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Graham Smart, from Wimblington Local Garden Centre, also joined in with a tribute

Meanwhile, local resident Kelly Bloss added that the tree and the attention it brought to the city was “amazing”.

“It makes everyone smile. Even people who don’t like it, it changes them,” she said.

“We like to be put on the map for something positive rather than the negative news on the planet right now.”

Image source, exchange

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Special cocktails have even been created in honor of the wonky tree

Nikki Hensley, owner of a restaurant next to the famous tree, was so inspired by it that she created a green cocktail in its honour, containing vodka, blue curacao, pineapple juice and lime juice.

She said the tree looks good for business, as more people come to see it and then come in for a drink or something to eat.

“It’s nice to appreciate something so strange in the difficult world we live in at the moment, it’s beautiful, just a breath of fresh air,” she said.

Image source, John Devine/BBC

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Nicky Hensley, owner of The Exchange restaurant, said the tree was “just a breath of fresh air”.

Meanwhile, the neighboring Fenland town of Chatteris joined the discussion and said they “pride themselves in trying to put things right”.

“On Saturday, volunteers at Chatteris Christmas Lights erected two 30-foot Christmas trees, in the traditional manner,” added Chris Saville, president of Chatteris Christmas Lights.

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