Houston Mail Delay: Pasadena Bride Misses Wedding Dress

Houston Mail Delay: Pasadena Bride Misses Wedding Dress

PASADENA, Texas – Delays at post offices continue to pile up. Our reporting on this issue will impress many of you. On Friday alone, we heard from nearly 3,000 of you about these issues.

One person we spoke to is still waiting for a very important package – her wedding dress.

“We’re having a small wedding,” said bride-to-be Chelsea Hansen.

Her wedding is only eight days away.

“My nerves are completely frayed and I’m already nervous enough,” she said.

Hansen ordered her dream dress a month and a half ago.

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“On the 12th, I arrived at the distribution center in north Houston and nothing has happened since,” she told us.

It was supposed to be delivered on the 13th. I tried calling, but it didn’t work.

“He’ll say he’s transferring you to a representative and then ring a few times and hang up,” she said.

Hansen feels stuck with nowhere to go.

“I hope it gets here within the next eight days, and I hope it suits me,” she said.

She’s also waiting for her wedding shoes, which may also be up in the air. You’re now left searching for last-minute backups.

“This is what I see myself wearing on my wedding day, and I don’t think I’ll find anything else I’ll like as much in the meantime,” Hansen said.

Meanwhile, Hansen and hundreds of other people with loose ends are left waiting.

After our interview, she actually discovered that her sister’s bridesmaid dress may also be stuck at the same post office facility. Now they are both crossing their fingers, hoping that both dresses will arrive in time.

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