Here are the upcoming ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ changes with and without ‘Phantom Liberty’

We’re just weeks away from the launch of Cyberpunk 2077’s massive Phantom Liberty expansion on September 26, the culmination of nearly three years of fixes and updates for the game that has transformed it from a meme into one of the most fun games of this generation (yes, seriously), and also the best looking. , due to computer visual upgrades such as track tracking.

But Phantom Liberty also comes with the biggest game update ever for complete game, something even non-Phantom-Liberty buyers would enjoy if they were only playing the original version. Now, CDPR has it Fully detailed What comes with and without Phantom Liberty.

Free updates for The Base + Phantom Liberty:

  • Redesigned skill tree and perks (we’ve seen abilities like being able to throw people at other people)
  • Revamped cyber software and new capabilities system
  • Vehicle combat and car chases (cars get weapons now)
  • AI combat improvements
  • New police system (police chasing you, setting up barricades and sending MaxTac after you)
  • UI and user experience improvements
  • Loot, items and crafting changes
  • New radio stations (including one made up entirely of community contributions)

Imaginary freedom only:

  • Dogtown – dangerous new area (blocked if you don’t buy)
  • All-new story and characters (starring Idris Elba!)
  • New quests, parties, boss battles, and more (Mr. Hands has been seen setting up new parties, for example)
  • Vehicle and airdrop missions – endless dynamic events (GTA Online-style, perhaps?)
  • All-new Relic skill tree and abilities (we’ve seen some skills like mutilating enemies with Mantis blades)
  • Over 100 new items – weapons, cyberware, cars and outfits (some of these items were shown in the trailers)
  • Vehicle Rocket Launchers (Interestingly enough, you only get them with the expansion, when vehicle combat is introduced across the entire game
  • Level cap increased to 60 (again, I guess this will be game level)

So, while there are a lot of core updates coming, getting Phantom Liberty seems to be the game where you can also unlock everything, instead of just half of it. If you’ve already beaten the base game, Phantom Liberty is a must, but if it’s your first time playing, I suppose you can try out the base game before committing to the expansion entirely. But there are packages that might save you a few bucks if you want to go further.

CDPR continues to remind everyone that this is the only expansion and the last big update for Cyberpunk 2077 after three years. It’s time for them to move on to new Witcher games, but a Cyberpunk sequel and a new IP are also said to be in the works. I’m also curious if someone would buy it in this current takeover landscape, but hopefully it doesn’t come with franchise exclusives in the future.

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