Bethesda Game Studios is no stranger to giving players all kinds of boosts for various activities, and Starfield is no different. Because it turns out that you get a boost every time you and your partner spend the night together.

Thanks to PCGamer, we now know that every time you have sex, you’ll get a boost called “emotional security.” This boost allows you to gain an additional 15% XP over the next 24 minutes. PCGamer also notes that there’s no way to have a one night stand with NPCs, so the only way to get this feature is to get to know your crew on a personal level.

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Fortunately, Starfield has a few crewmates to get to know, so getting emotional security shouldn’t take long. But before you can spend the night with them, you will first need to marry one of them, and once you do, you will start sharing the same bed. You’ll know you’re about to get a boost if you hear your partner make suggestive comments when you wake up next to them.

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