GTA 6’s open world map, Lucia, and the biggest gameplay leaks to date

GTA 6’s open world map, Lucia, and the biggest gameplay leaks to date

It feels like the gaming world is constantly trying to show who’s in charge JTA VI Trailer or preview. It’s been a while since the big leak that sent photos and videos spread across social media, which is why Rockstar is keeping its cards close to its chest. While we wait another week, another day, we can stay excited by rounding up some of the biggest leaks.

the map

GTA VI map concept

From what we know, the map appeared in GTA VI It will be an amalgamation of several areas spread over two main locations – Vice City and Gelhorn Port. It’s clear from leaks and insiders that Vice City’s precincts are located in Miami, while Gellhorn’s port is located in Panama City. Certain areas of Vice City will also be pulled from other “real world” locations to feature a large prison and a mountain range, neither of which originate in Florida.

Judging from the leaks, we can see a large number of new and returning locations, as well as plenty of points of interest that will likely feature some sort of amusement or activity. Just a few of the sites that may be based on real world sites are:

  • Rockridge (adapted from Little Havana)
  • South Beach
  • Lake Leonida (likely built on Lake Okeechobee)
  • Grassrivers (based on Everglades)

Throughout the locations, we can see many activities that have become a tradition within the Grand Theft Auto franchise; Nightclubs, amusement parks, airport, observatory, mini markets, golf club, body shops, and much more. There’s also a pawn shop that seems inspired by a shop in Puerto Rico called Joyeria Empenos.

Characters – Lucia and Jason

Artist showcase for GTA 6 heroes
Artist showcase for GTA 6 heroes

We should see two heroes inside JTA VI According to various leaks. These are Lucia and Jason, who are designed to be very similar to Bonnie and Clyde, as in a couple in love wreaking havoc on the cities with a crime spree. While we don’t know much about them individually, we have seen what they look like, but little is known about them.

All we can do at this point is speculate. For example, we know that they are in a romantic relationship, but we don’t know if the couple starts out that way at the beginning of the game. We can also see a form of relationship tracking that paints a picture of the health of their relationship. Although when this idea was brought up across the community, many were against it as they did not want the game to become a relationship simulator.

We’re also unsure if we’ll see any returning characters from other parts of the series, though it wouldn’t be surprising to see some Vice City regulars appear in a cameo role.

Other characters mentioned are; Chester, Danny, Iris, Dale, and Brian. Most of these seem to be contacts or local business owners, so they may not play a big role in the game.

New police interactions

GTA V / Credit: Rockstar Games
GTA V / Credit: Rockstar Games

It is likely that a deeper mechanism will be added to the traditional wanted system, implying that civilians and police officers will interact in more detailed ways. Within the leaks seen during the “Hank’s Waffle Heist Video”, we saw mention of a “full description” meaning that witnesses have a full description of what she looks like. This may be an exaggeration, but later footage in the same video shows a “full vehicle description” which we believe means a witness spotted your vehicle engaged in criminal activity.

This would mean a more detailed wanted system that still uses stars, but determines how well you know the police, rather than just having a general wanted level. It may help that you may need a disguise for a specific period of time if someone knows what you look like. Or a new car is needed to continue your business.

Criminal activity

GTA V / Credit: Rockstar Games
GTA V / Credit: Rockstar Games

There seems to be some new criminal activity available GTA VIEach of them will likely play a major role in the campaign at some point, before becoming side jobs.

Money laundering appears to be present as we saw a washing machine logo with a dollar sign in the middle – a global symbol of money laundering. This suggests that there may be businesses and real estate that you can purchase in order to clean up your criminal income.

Walls were mentioned on several occasions. A fence is someone who buys stolen goods, so this could mean that certain sellers will buy stolen cars or art, for example. But they are unlikely to trade and buy outside their area of ​​expertise.

We also have robberies. In the main leaked video, we saw a robbery at a waffle shop that was a mini-theft, moving through certain steps to ensure the robbery was successful. The player was able to command their partner giving us greater control. Although this may be a feature of the campaign, we are more likely to see them as side jobs, or even online activities.

the pirate

GTA Online / Credit: Rockstar Games
GTA Online / Credit: Rockstar Games

It is very likely that hacking will appear in GTA VI Because of the elements we saw in Lucia. In an old leak, it was hinted that the female protagonist would be a hacker and this stockpile of gadgets seems to point in that direction.

We’ve seen Lucia carry a tracking device, perhaps in order to steal expensive cars to prevent the police from tracking your movement. It also has a bypass immobilizer, which also refers to vehicle engagement as many expensive cars have immobilizers to prevent theft.

She also carries a USB drive, which looks generic, but may contain viruses; And finally, autodialers, which can be linked to scams.

Smaller details

Other small details that have been spotted are things like shareable inventory so that both characters have access to the same items and tools; A ping system, switching shoulders while aiming, cap placement and more detailed character models that show the possibility of body and hair growth.

Everything we know is just guesswork given the nature of the leaks. While some things are more realistic, a lot of guesswork is being made based on what we’ve seen in leaks. Until we see a trailer or some official announcements we may need to have a pinch of salt on hand.

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