Google wants you to sign into the Pixel Watch app to access more settings

There are no additional options yet, but you can add your Google Account now


  • A recent update to the Google Pixel Watch app requires users to sign in to their Google account, possibly to provide more control over backing up and restoring Wear OS settings.
  • This update is likely a preparation for the Wear OS 4 update for the Pixel Watch, which will allow users to pair their watch with a new phone without resetting it.
  • The update also includes UI improvements, such as displaying the user’s account avatar in the upper-right corner of the app and a new “Your Watches” button to make it easier to manage multiple watches.

You must be signed in to your Google Account when you first set up your Pixel Watch, but until now, you don’t need to be signed in to the app that came with the watch. This appears to be changing, and should eventually give us more control over backing up and restoring Wear OS settings on Google’s flagship wearables.

Once you’ve updated the Google Pixel Watch app to version 1.4, you’ll get a prompt asking you to “Sign in to Google and link your watch to access all settings” (via 9to5Google). You can go to It’s time to connect your watch A page to see your unlinked hours, which will probably be hourly because you haven’t been able to do this before. To manage accounts or add them to your watch, go to Google Settings in your app.

Add an account to the Pixel Watch app (Source: 9to5Google)

When you add an account, you’ll be notified that “Using a Google Account with the app gives you access to more settings.” However, there are no new settings available at the moment. This is likely setting things up for the Wear OS 4 update for the Pixel Watch, which is expected to bring new functionality that allows you to pair your watch with a new phone without resetting it. In the future, you should be able to sign into the Pixel Watch app on your new phone to begin the transfer.

Meanwhile, 9to5 reports that v1.4 continues to work on a feature that allows you to sync Do Not Disturb and Bedtime modes across your watch and phone without having to adjust the settings on each device.

Another noteworthy change in this update is the UI improvements – for example, your account avatar will now appear in the top-right corner of the app. The clock switcher has also been updated so that it no longer has a drop down menu for you to choose from Add a new watch. And in its place you will find a new one your hours button located in the upper left corner. The update is a little smaller in terms of visual changes, but the ability to link your watch is definitely a welcome feature.

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