Google Maps sends an American family on the road to nowhere, and the company apologizes

Google Maps sends an American family on the road to nowhere, and the company apologizes

Google Maps sends an American family on the road to nowhere, and the company apologizes

One stranded in the desert uploaded a video to TikTok detailing her ordeal.

Google has issued an apology after some drivers using its Maps app were sent onto dangerous desert road detours in the US. according to Washington PostThe accident occurred on November 19 when some families set off from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Instead of taking them home, Google Maps took them to a horrific dirt road during a dust storm in the Mojave Desert. Shelby Isler, whose family was part of dozens of cars stuck in the dangerous zone, uploaded a video of her ordeal to TikTok, prompting the tech giant to respond.

Drivers were supposed to take Interstate 15 during their trip, but the alternate route suggested by the app took them into the desert between Nevada and Southern California.

The Isler family decided to follow the other cars, as the app suggested it would avoid the dust storm and save time.

“Literally, it didn’t get us anywhere,” she said. “We didn’t go anywhere, and then we ended up getting lost. This is a screenshot I took on a phone with Apple Maps, and they were like, ‘Where are you?’ CBS News.

Google Maps claimed the proposed route would save 50 minutes off the 5.5-hour journey.

“We thought we were avoiding a dust storm. We thought it would be a little bit safer because of the visibility reasons, and ironically that’s not what happened,” Ms. Isler said.

The family finally realizes they are not on the right track after the driver approaches them and tells them the bad news.

“He would say, ‘This road leads nowhere,’” Isler recalls. It’s faded. And it’s not there anymore.’ Like, ‘You have to turn around.’

After hitting a cactus, a bush and rocks, they finally turned around but saw at least 100 cars trying to get out. CBS News He said in his report.

The family even called the California Patrol for help, but were told they were busy assisting with collisions caused by the dust storm.

The family returned home 14 hours later and the car was damaged. “The right rear tire came off. It also messed up the alignment somehow. So, they had to tow it,” she told the outlet.

Ms. Isler’s video received more than a million views, after which a Google spokesperson issued a statement.

“We apologize for what happened last weekend, and can confirm that we will no longer be directing drivers traveling between Las Vegas and Los Angeles through these narrow back roads off Interstate 15 near the California-Nevada border. Today, drivers who do these The trip was via the reopened Interstate 15, spokeswoman Genevieve Park said in the statement.

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