Google has a new AI-generated profile picture on the X, and it’s as creepy as you’d expect

Google has a new AI-generated profile picture on the X, and it’s as creepy as you’d expect


  • Google Bard is narrowing the gap with ChatGPT by incorporating features like Imagen 2 image generation.
  • Bard helps with logical reasoning, general facts, and math problems, and recently upgraded the backend to Google Gemini.
  • To celebrate these milestones, Google changed its profile picture to an AI-generated image resembling a surrealist painting, which could be a nod to its competitor DALL-E.

Although it has long been a focus, AI research has been on Google’s radar since early 2023 when ChatGPT gained attention. Google’s local competitor, Bard, was announced soon after, but is still catching up, with the latest addition being support for creating images for locking horns using the DALL-E integration on ChatGPT. To celebrate the milestone, Google has also changed its profile picture on the

Bard has helped Google keep pace with Microsoft Copilot, ChatGPT, and other AI systems in the fray. Bard can help with logical reasoning, general facts, math problems, and more. Late last year, Google added integrations with its other products like Maps, Google Docs, etc. However, Google’s AI-powered image creation efforts have remained separate, in the form of Imagen 2, and more recently ImageFX. Meanwhile, competitor OpenAI has joined forces with DALL-E, which was originally created just for AI-powered visualization, to integrate it into ChatGPT.


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This week, Google’s Bard caught up with the Imagen 2-powered photo generation on the Bard, which is also powered by the Gemini Pro model now. To celebrate the feat, Google dropped a subtle hint, changing its profile picture on most of its social media accounts like Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). The new image features Google’s big G logo in a surreal art style, dripping like melted wax.

The creepy new profile picture generated by Google's AI

Source: Google

In fact, you could say the new profile photo bears a striking resemblance to one of Surrealism’s most famous paintings – Memory stability, by Salvador Dali. This 1931 piece features a coastline in the distance, and melting clocks scattered across the landscape. Google’s profile image features a very similar coastline and “melting” elements, although the image has all the signs of AI involvement. More importantly, Daly’s name is similar to Google Imagen 2’s competitor DALL-E, which was named after the artist, and Pixar’s animated film WALL-E.

Salvador Dali's 1931 painting titled The Persistence of Memory

Source: Museum of Modern Art

While Imagen 2 is already available with Bard, Google’s AI efforts seem as scattered all over the place as a kid’s first attempts at building Lego models. For example, Bard is separate from Assistant with Bard, which makes it easier to access AI through voice commands. However, Google is also planning to rebrand everything from Bard to Gemini, the core AI model used to power Bard. As for image generation, Imagen 2 has just become available to the user, but the ImageFX utility is still a closed experience.

We can’t wait to see what Google can achieve once it secures a sure footing in the AI ​​scene. For now, we have a creepy profile picture to stare at, and a new photo generator to play with.

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