Global K-pop map for 2023 revealed as 4th generation girl groups take the lead | K-pop movie news

Global K-pop map for 2023 revealed as 4th generation girl groups take the lead |  K-pop movie news

Dive into the dynamic world of K-Pop, Space Oddities‘s kpop radar Recently revealed ‘2023 Global k-pop mapDuring the first session of the captivating “K-pop Radar Conference” on November 15, which highlighted interesting twists in the always dynamic world of K-pop.
Unsurprisingly, Pink black It takes the lead as the most viewed KpopArtist, received an amazing 13.47% of total views. He closely follows the internationally beloved artistBTS In second place with a rate of 10.37%. However, the unexpected rise of neogenesthe fourth generation sensation, takes fourth place and leaves fans and industry experts alike in awe of their meteoric rise.
In the K-pop world, Seraphim It achieved a milestone by taking first place, establishing itself as an emerging force. This section also touches on other notable rookies such as H1-KEY, XDINARY HEROESTEMPEST and IVE, to highlight diverse talent emerging in the K-pop scene.
K-Pop’s global popularity paints a great picture, with Korea leading at 15.71%, followed by Japan at 7.89%. The list continues with Indonesia, India and the United States rounding out the top five. This shows the genre’s extreme appeal and its ability to capture hearts all over the world.
Taking a closer look at specific regions, the top K-Pop groups in Japan include BTS, TWICE, Stray Kids, Seventeen, and BLACKPINK. Meanwhile, in the United States, BTS, BLACKPINK, and Stray children Leading the K-Pop wave, with TWICE, NewJeans, and TXT steadily gaining attention. IVE also has a notable presence in both regions, demonstrating its global influence.
The 2023 Global K-POP Map revolves around three main themes: “Consumption of K-Pop as a Pop Music Genre,” “Leaders of the New Chapter: 4th Generation Girl Groups,” and “K-Pop, Legacy, and Making History.” “. These topics provide a nuanced understanding of the evolution of K-pop music and its profound influence on a global scale. This comprehensive map is derived from an analysis of data spanning August 2022 to August 2023.
As K-pop continues to evolve, it remains a cultural phenomenon with far-reaching influences. The genre’s ability to reinvent itself is evident in the success of fourth-generation girl groups like NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM, marking a new chapter in the history of K-Pop.
The 2023 K-POP GLOBAL MAP is a testament to the genre’s resilience and adaptability. BLACKPINK’s dominance, the rise of fourth-generation groups, and the genre’s global popularity point to a future in which K-Pop continues to shape the music landscape.

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