Gallo’s film The Redemption wins 12 major awards and puts Arunachal Pradesh on the map of world cinema

Written by Nyato Moseng

Mumbai, September 10: In a landmark moment for the film scene in Arunachal Pradesh, the feature film Jallow was produced Redemption She has emerged as a force in international and national film circles, winning 12 prestigious awards. Woven with nuances and compelling storytelling, this poignant tale has crossed boundaries to garner accolades and appreciation at various film festivals. His victory not only represents a landmark achievement for filmmakers, but also heralds a new dawn for the state’s thriving film industry, echoing a resounding message of artistic excellence and cultural resonance on the big stage.

At the head of this cinematic revolution is Haley Wylie, a multi-faceted character who hails from the remote village of Sheba in the East Kameng region. Besides his career in civil engineering, Haley nurtures a deep passion for cinema, devoting his free time to this creative endeavour. As a prominent figure in the regional film industry, he has greatly impacted the local film scene in various capacities, not only as the President of the Arunachal Film Federation (FFA) but also as the Creative Director of the popular reality show “Sadak Ka Superstars” in 2020. Line Producer of notable projects, Including his short film dad (Berlinale 2017) and the latest Bollywood films wolf (2022) and his initiatives in spearheading several memorable projects, have cemented his position as a beacon of creativity and a nurturer of talent in the cultural and cinematic fabric of the country.

Directed by Wylie and produced by Alison Wylie of Space Miracle Studios Pvt Ltd. Redemption It stands as a beacon of social awareness and cinematic brilliance. The film, which explores the depths of human emotions and intertwines themes of hope, despair, redemption and friendship, firmly placed the country on the cinematic map, highlighting humanity’s resilience and indomitable spirit.

The international accolades started pouring in after the team was honored with the ‘Honorable Jury Award’ at the Mumbai 11y Indian Film Festival 2023 (ICFF) on Sunday. The film, co-written by Doyo Tapio and Haley Wylie, features cinematography by Samuel Rang Lung and music by Moto Rim, and has been celebrated for its emotionally charged narrative and thought-provoking themes. The following esteemed platforms have recognized the film’s excellence:

1)Rome International Film Awards 2023 (Italy, Rome)

    • Best Feature Film Director
    • Best Feature Film Poster
    • Best action movie
  1. Benelux International Film Festival 2023 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • Outstanding Achievement Award – Feature Film
  2. 2023 Crown Point International Film Festival (Chicago, IL)
    • Best Feature Film by a Debut Director
  3. Athens International Art Film Festival 2023 (Athens, Greece)
    • Honorable Mention (Best Feature Film)
  4. Dubai International Film Carnival 2023 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
    • Critics’ Choice Award (Best Feature Film)
  5. 11th Mumbai Indian Film Festival 2023 (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
    • Honorary Jury Award (Best Feature Film)
  6. Indian Independent Film Festival 2023 (Kolkata, West Bengal)
    • Best Feature Film by Women
  7. 7th International Independent Art Film Festival 2023 (Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala)
    • Medal of Honor (Best Feature Film)
  8. Nitin International Film Festival (Pulau Pinang, Malaysia)
    • Winner (Best Asian Feature Film)
    • Winner (Best Feature Film by Women)
  9. Cannes International Film Festival (Cannes, France)
  10. Calcutta International Film Festival (Kolkata, West Bengal)

These awards demonstrate the global appeal and resonance of the story crafted in The Redemption, placing it firmly on the map of world cinema.

ICFF, which launched on Sunday, showcased an exceptional selection of 22 feature films, documentaries and short films from around the world. Notable entries such as Sitharamam And 777 Charlie It highlighted the vibrant diversity and creativity of the global film industry, paving the way for celebrating the continuity of art and storytelling from different cultures and perspectives.

At the Gala Awards in Mumbai, Willie proudly acknowledged the team’s efforts saying, “The entire team behind the film is extremely proud and honored to receive this honour. This award is a testament to the hard work, dedication and creativity of everyone involved in making this film.” He attended the ceremony Producer Allison Wylie and sound designer Moto Rem, who make up the vibrant and passionate team behind the film.

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