Ga DNR: Give them year-round entertainment as the perfect gift!

Ga DNR: Give them year-round entertainment as the perfect gift!

What gift can you give to the person who loves being outdoors more than anything else?

Give them a hunting or fishing license (or a combination) to help them enjoy the wild places they love, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife Resources.

A youth license, lifetime license, or annual hunting or fishing license are great examples of how we provide access to the great outdoors and support Georgia’s wildlife and state-managed lands. While purchasing a lifetime license includes a free sturdy license card, you can place any annual license on a beautiful “College Hard Card” (a credit card sized sturdy license card) giving you the perfect stocking stuffer!

Youth licence

The $15 Youth Sports License is a great gift for resident youth under the age of 16 and allows you to give them a gift valued at $70! This license provides hunting and fishing privileges, and is valid until the age of 17, giving them a full-year sportsman’s license once they turn 16 (when they are required to obtain a license).

Lifetime resident licenses

With a lifetime license, the Georgia resident hunter or angler on your gift list will never need to purchase another state hunting or fishing license…ever! From whitetail hunting to big game fishing, their cherished recreation in Georgia is covered. Depending on their recreational activity, they may require additional no-cost licenses or a harvest record. Visit for applications and more details.

Annual or other licenses

Can’t buy a lifetime license? What about granting an annual or two-year license to this hunter or fisherman? Even if they already have an existing license, if you purchase a license of the same type, it will “stack” on top of their existing license.

Licenses are the gifts that keep on giving…

The Division of Wildlife Resources uses hunting and fishing license sales to fulfill its wildlife mission. The sale of paid licenses is a major procedure through which states obtain federal funding for wildlife and sport fish restoration. This means that more license sales could mean more conservation funding. The uses of this funding in Georgia vary from operating public hunting areas to managing the state’s 1 million deer herd.

More information about licenses is at, and you can purchase a youth, annual, or two-year license at

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