From Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to Galaxy S26 Ultra: all camera changes according to roadmap leak

From Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to Galaxy S26 Ultra: all camera changes according to roadmap leak

The Galaxy S23 Ultra (available here on has made the jump from a 108MP sensor to the flagship segment’s first 200MP camera, but otherwise the camera hardware has remained largely unchanged this year compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra the year before. Unlike some Chinese competitors like Xiaomi, Samsung’s camera development is likely to continue at a fairly slow pace over the next few years.

The XTech_Reve handle leak, which has proven to be very reliable in recent years, It has published a roadmap for changes, which summarizes Samsung’s alleged plans for the cameras of the successors to the Galaxy S23 Ultra and even the Galaxy S26 Ultra. Of course, no leaker is infallible, and Samsung’s plans may change several times over the next few years, so these hints should be taken with a grain or two of salt.

Galaxy S24 Ultra with new telephoto

Relatively certain, because it has been confirmed several times in the past that the 10MP periscope zoom will be switched from 10x optical zoom in the Galaxy S23 Ultra to a 50MP periscope zoom with 5x zoom in the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra. According to the leaker, the new sensor will offer a 0.7μm pixel size.

Galaxy S25 Ultra with variable zoom

It’s very exciting to see what Samsung has in store for anyone willing to wait until the Galaxy S25 Ultra hits the market in early 2025. According to the leaker, not only will the main camera be updated, but the ultra-wide angle and telephoto will also be updated. It’s also changing again, meaning Samsung may be replacing all the cameras at once for the first time in a generation. The current plan appears to be to switch from a 12MP ultra-wide-angle sensor to a 50MP sensor, which is already popular with competitors from China and is also said to be planned for next year’s iPhone 16 Pro.

However, what’s more exciting is the telephoto range, which may be covered by a single periscope zoom lens with a variable focal length in 2025. Some may remember that there have been similar rumors of the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the past, so it appears that Samsung is committed to these plans . It is currently planning to implement it with the Galaxy S25 Ultra.

Galaxy S26 Ultra with a larger sensor

It will also be interesting to see what will change in 2026 with the Galaxy S Ultra flagship. According to the leaker, the Galaxy S26 Ultra appears to be set to switch to a larger 200MP sensor, which is supposedly one of several ISOCELL sensors currently in development at Samsung. Specifically, the sensor size appears to be 1/1.1-inch, making it a bit closer to the 1-inch format. The pixel size is said to be 0.7 um.

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