From fishing vessel to hybrid yacht: Centella Maris sets off on her maiden voyage

From fishing vessel to hybrid yacht: Centella Maris sets off on her maiden voyage

Not every yacht starts its life on the drawing board. Spark of the sea, a 45.6 meter former fishing vessel with over three decades of seafaring experience, has undergone a remarkable transformation. A four-year conversion project, led by Vripack Interior Design, transformed this vessel from a single-stay trawler into a versatile and capable exploration yacht.

Owner’s vision Spark of the sea It was ambitious but clear: design a home away from home with a hull capable of traveling anywhere, combined with seaworthiness, and an interior designed by Vripack that prioritizes light, space and comfort.

The conversion project was completed in 2023 at the Damen Maaskant shipyard in the Netherlands, and saw the ship’s original 570GT reduced to below the 500GT threshold. The structure, now painted blue, underwent an extensive refurbishment, while the entire interior was stripped and rebuilt using High Pressure Laminate (HPL) for a contemporary, loft-like aesthetic.

A key aspect of the interior design brief was to maximize natural lighting in all guest areas, through strategically placed openings and skylights. The full-beam Owner’s Suite, located amidships, features a porthole converted from an original fishing hatch – a unique design element that distinguishes Scintilla Maris.

The yacht accommodates up to 10 guests in five double rooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, and also provides space for a crew of nine, with a separate galley and dining area. To comply with stringent emissions regulations and reduce carbon emissions, a new hybrid electric propulsion system and port generator were installed, reducing noise and vibrations.

“The owner had a clear idea of ​​how he wanted to use the boat, and we incorporated that into the interior design,” says Marnix Hoekstra, associate creative director at Vripack. “He requested a functional aesthetic that looked both upscale and utilitarian without being overly luxurious. He liked our studio’s approach to the project, backed by our experience in commercial ship design.

Preparing for an ambitious maiden flight in 2024, Spark of the sea You’ll travel through Norway, Iceland and Greenland, embodying the spirit of adventure and exploration.

Vripack is a yacht design studio with a portfolio representing over 7,400 designs, enhanced by its extensive naval architecture and engineering expertise. From the moment they opened their doors in 1961, Vripack Studio’s approach to design has been governed by the playful interplay of form and function.

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