“Fortnite” players are eligible for a refund for age-restricted skins

“Fortnite” players are eligible for a refund for age-restricted skins

Fortnite has shown no signs that it plans to reverse its decision to restrict 7% of the skins in the game by age, which can no longer be taken in some creative maps that are not rated 10 or older. But the restrictions may also end up including other shooting-free in-game BR events for all ages.

While Epic said they will start tweaking these skins in 2024 to be able to use them in all modes, i.e. by deleting things like weapon holsters and ammo belts, they won’t be able to fix all skins. Something like Marvel’s Venom’s appearance, which is considered “too scary” for an under-10 audience, would likely not convert in the same way.

I completely understand why players are upset about this, as it feels like a move to reinforce Tim Sweeney’s kid-friendly style within what was sold as a T-for-Teen rated game. As such, it appears that Epic should offer refunds for age-restricted skins.

While new hides are marked with an age-restricted note, this was not true for the 7% of hides and a variety of cosmetics that were restricted after they were originally sold without that mark. As such, players purchased items for tens or even hundreds of dollars that they thought they could use throughout Fortnite indefinitely and now I can not They are used in a large part of activities.

Even if the skins are later “fixed”, they are still unusable for a while, and no one signs up to “modify” their skins in some way on top of that. As we know, many skins and cosmetics will not be able to be changed at all, which means they will be permanently age-restricted.

I don’t know why Epic made this decision in the first place because it seems like it would likely do more harm than good. They’re already making a lot less from the Fortnite store than they used to at the game’s peak, and now it makes sense that a) they’ll start making a lot of kid-friendly skins so they can cut the 7%, or that the age-restricted skins will sell less, as players will know that They will be modified across modes or blocked entirely.

But for now, it should be the case that the optional V-Bucks cashback should be available for these newly restricted skins, as that’s not how they were sold in the first place. This would of course be another loss for Epic, but in theory, you could imagine a class action lawsuit here, even if that’s unlikely.

Epic has shown it’s not very receptive to feedback lately and this policy is unlikely to be reversed. But the idea of ​​refunding money should be seriously considered because it breaks a lot of community trust.

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