Football Hooks 3, 2, 1: From Utah to Iowa

Much has been said and written about Gary Barta’s “Brian Ferentz 25 points/game” contract clause. Here are more burning and dry leaves for the fire. We saw a glimmer of hope early on UtahThen we saw, for the most part, what Iowa football was like over the years. For this blog I’ll be using a 3, 2, 1 list of comments, notes, rantings, game balls dealt, etc… It’ll be a grab bag of Hawkeye stuff.

3: rush yards/pass yards/sacks

Iowa football is known for having strong offensive and defensive lines. In the past few years, our offensive line has been offensive. I took a look at 3 stats from Saturday’s game against Utah State and compared them to Iowa State’s season averages from last year. And the numbers were eerily similar.

On Saturday the Falcons rushed for 88 yards (2.4) and passed for 196 yards. Last season, Iowa ran for 94.8 yards/game (2.9) and passed for 156.7 yards. Definitely an increase in passing yardage. A closer look at the yards per completion and attempt from Saturday to last year makes it clear that Iowa’s offense is Iowa’s offense. Against Utah, the Falcons averaged 10.9 yards per completion and 5.9 yards per attempt. In 2022, Iowa averaged 10.6 yards per completion and 5.8 yards per attempt. It was only one match, but the numbers are very telling. In short, our crime will hold us back. once again. Our offensive line looked pretty good at blocking passes, but being a Big Ten bully and moving people with our O line feels like 100 years ago. The Hawkeyes allowed only one sack into Utah; In 2022, Iowa has allowed 38 sacks (2.9).

2: Jack Campbell and Guy Higgins

taught us Jack Campbell He was a ball player. Perhaps we did not know the extent of his control. On the year, Campbell had 128 tackles (9.8), 5.5 TFL, 1 sack, 1 fumble recovery, 1 forced fumble, 2 interceptions, and 1 (2) touchdowns (none against Minnesota). The 6’5″ linebacker seemed to be everywhere, and the stats pretty much show it.

Jay Higgins queue. In the age of “what have you done for me lately” and the teleportation portal, Higgins would bring his lunch pail to work day after day after day. Higgins and Haweyes were rewarded with 16 tackles, including 12 solo. Higgins also had a one-pass breakup. I wrote about the processing machine three years ago. When Higgins puts his paws on someone, he is more likely to fall to the ground. It’s fun to watch a good human being play really good football. The Iowa Hawkeyes have done an excellent job over the years developing quality football players and people.

Iowa LB – Some salty guys

Jerrod Ringwald

1: What I’d like to see against Iowa State

Well, this ends up being more than one thing, but whatever. Iowa has a better defense than Utah. Also, the Hawks have to travel to Ames. The Hurricanes allowed 164 yards passing and 106 yards rushing (2.9) against leopards. The Hawkeyes have had their work cut out for them to start the race. Iowa State has also fired UNI quarterback Theo Day five times. Kid McNamara It looked good, but it also appeared that he re-injured his leg while running away from a Utah State pass rush. Hurricanes will bring the kitchen sink to it. Hopefully Cade Mac can make some wide open passes over the top to ease the Cyclone defense. Next, Iowa’s offensive line needs to put its hats on people. Too often there are misunderstandings and/or blown blocks and Iowa State ball carriers are dealt a loss of three yards. These plays hurt any offense, but they impede Iowa’s offense Brian Ferentz. Oh, and hook receivers, please catch the football. Thanks. There were just too many dropped balls against the Aggies.

The Cy-Hawk Cup should be back east

So this is the first 3, 2, 1 of the season. I took some liberties with the numbers, but everything is allowed on the World Wide Web. As always, it’s great to be Hawkeye!

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