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Pictured is Aaron Standerfer holding a monster catfish. This big cat is his best, weighing in at 21.01 pounds. Aaron says the next step is to catch catfish that are 30 pounds or more. Stick with it, I’m sure it will happen. Clear Lake has some monsters… The lake’s record is 33.57 pounds.(contribution)

Here are some food for thought… It was written on a piece of paper I found in my grandmother’s Bible. I sure hope this is said about me one day… “Speak in a way that makes others love to listen to you. Listen in a way that makes others love to talk to you.”

BLUE LAKES – Upper Blue Lake bass fishing continues to be fair. A couple of anglers caught a few topwater baits like the PopR or the Bill Dance Spittin’s photo. The best bite is during the early morning hours and the last hour of daylight. Some trout are still being caught while trolling or slow dragging a nightcrawler along the bottom.

I’m sorry to say that there is still no sign of a stock from the California Department of Fish and Game. Not sure what the problem is? It has been 3 months since the Blue Lakes have been stocked with trout! Gee, it’s not like we don’t pay enough for a fishing license these days, right?

Clear Lake – The lake kept getting better and better. The algae mud has largely disintegrated and the mats are no longer found except here and there along the beach. Note – Do not overlook these areas. They are worth searching for. Some anglers have been having very good fishing using a weedless topwater lure over weeds. Strikes occur when the bait breaks into the clearing or outside edge of the mat. Moving into deeper water (15 to 25 feet) small swimbaits and drop jigs have produced some strikes under individual docks. LV500 and underspins along with chatterbaits are also producing good numbers of bass. You may have to go through several pounds to get to a three- to five-pound fish. Lots of fun! Keeps you on your toes.

We have also received reports of catfish being caught off docks in the Lucerne/Indian Beach areas. Chicken livers and crawdadas with poppers work best.

Lake Mendocino – Our backyard lake is gorgeous right now. It’s great to see the lake so full this time of year. The early morning hours are still the best hours for fishing. For fun, try topwater fishing before 8:00 AM. Smallmouth bass have recently become attracted to anything with a yellowish tint. Keep moving and covering lots of water until you find the fish. The fall feeding frenzy hasn’t even started yet.. the water temp still needs to drop another 10 degrees… Many of the bass Teresa and I caught had full bellies.

You still hear that the dedicated people who fish the river channel have been catching some catfish and sometimes using anchovies. Hit the water, this is one of the best fishing trips of the season.

Lake Sonoma – Bass fishing continues to rise. Many bass are being caught in the one to four pound range. They hang out in ambush places. Pay close attention to points and fish along the edges of submerged trees. The Cherry and Yorty Creek areas remain the hotspots.

With the kids going back to school and the weather getting colder, traffic at the lake has decreased. Like all lakes in our area, fall fishing is coming now.

Thank you for reading, and remember to keep it reeled! Don = 4REEL Fishin

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