Fishing tournament results impressive – Lake County Record-Bee

Fishing tournament results impressive – Lake County Record-Bee

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The results for Team NewJen’s tournament in Clear Lake on Saturday were incredible. The winners were Paul Bailey and Seth Dandridge with a 34.8 pound bass. Their big fish weighed 9.11 pounds and earned them $2,300 in prize money. The tournament attracted 34 teams and five of the teams weighed five fish over 30 pounds each. This is better than the average 6 pounds per fish.

The top five places in the tournament are:

  • First place plus second big fish: Paul Bailey and Seth Dandridge 34.82 pounds. (9.11 pounds large fish) $2,320.
  • Second place plus first big fish: Phil McKean and Ryan Ware 33.29 pounds. (9.45 pounds large fish) $1,900.
  • Third place: York Seal and Bob Chang, 30.73 lbs. $1,260.
  • Fourth place: Carson Leeper and Brett Nelson, 30.48 pounds. $965.
  • Fifth place: Tom Jolin and David Burruss, 30.18 lbs. $750.

Despite the heavy weights, a number of fishermen did not catch a fish. Most of the fish were caught at the south end of the lake in the Clear Lake Oaks arm and near Rattlesnake Island. The fishermen were stationed in several small areas.

Heavy rain and high winds will impact anglers this week. Stormy weather will keep most anglers away from the lake. The good news is that bass fishermen caught a number of big catfish over the weekend. Some of the bass were in the 15-pound class. Crappie are also being caught in good numbers. Successful anglers use their electronic devices to locate crappie and use red and white crappie tackle to catch their fish. Some crappies will weigh over 2 pounds.

Upper Blue Lake is scheduled to be stocked with trout this week. The lake is in excellent condition and produces bass and trout. Both fishermen on the beach and boaters were catching fish,

The Ducks’ season ended on Wednesday and it was a bad season overall. A number of hunters who belong to good clubs said that there were many days in which they did not shoot a single shot.

There are a lot of birds of different species at Clear Lake. Driving around the lake provides an excellent opportunity to see them. If you enjoy hiking in the hills next to Highland Springs Reservoir, this provides an excellent opportunity. Clear Lake State Park is another excellent area for hiking. There are multiple trails throughout the park and you will see plenty of wildlife.

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