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The difference between hunting and fishing is that hunters look for their prey while hunters try to become the prey; They do their best to make their bait look attractive and weak so that the fish will attack them. – WD Wither

Russian River – How about a change of pace? If you have a kayak, float tube or belly boat, you can run south to Healdsburg. There are a lot of smallmouth bass living in the Russian River, which has been dammed. Try using a white/silver or yellow/gold rooster tail or a fast-action crankbait (crackling trap). Try fishing in areas of submerged rocks and woods, as these areas usually contain fish. Make sure to run your lure through shaded spots. Take long molds and cover with plenty of water. Hold on to your pole, they’ll try to snatch it out of your hands, go get ’em!

Blue Lakes – Fishing is still the ticket. It doesn’t look like Fish & Wildlife will stock the Blue Lakes with trout for a while yet. Why ? That’s a good question! So, go get that bass – plastics, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits work well.

Clear Lake – Fishing has improved at Clear Lake. More and more hunters are hunting the limits. The average weight of the five fish is 17 – 22 pounds – very good. The algae blooms have pretty much died off, and the bite is getting better and better. The Henderson and Park County areas have been the “hot spot” recently. Every type of lure has been successful throughout the lake.

LAKE MENDOCINO – Reports of good fishing around the lake can’t say there are only a few good spots. Try points, rock piles and weed edges. All areas near deep water produce fish. Try slow dragging brush hogs or small to medium swimbaits and crankbaits.

PILLSBURY — Well, the squaw has been going well. What is a squaw fish? Remember, feed the eagle the fish you catch. Do not return these fish to the lake. Really, the bass bite has picked up. Some fish were moving into the shallows on the north end during the morning feeding. The water is getting low, but that seems to be the norm for this time of year.

Lake Sonoma – Many Steelies are being found on electronics along the deeper water near the dam at 45 to 65 feet. With that being said, only a few were caught. Reports are coming in from Lake Sonoma that the bass fishing has improved a lot. The north end of the lake is still producing most of the bass. Yorty Creek, Cherry Creek and the deeper waters of Skunk Creek are very popular areas. Successful anglers have been doing their best with a reaction bite. Fast retrieval of the KDV square construction crankbait through and around submerged trees. Keep it moving, make long casts and cover with plenty of water.

Go get them. Now is the time, and remember to keep it going.

Don = 4REEL Fishin

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