Fishing at the Craig with Logan Gardens

Fishing at the Craig with Logan Gardens

There is no doubt that forward-facing sonar has taken the fishing world by storm. This new technology allows anglers to target fish that may otherwise go unnoticed. While technology advances rapidly, our baits have remained largely the same. Berkeley set out to alleviate this problem by creating an entirely new line of forward-facing sonar-enhanced baits. One of the newest and most talked about baits from this group is the Berkeley Top 100. This is a completely new style of lure that is sure to catch fish throughout the entire season.

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FFS-enhanced grafts

Berkeley has already developed its new sonar-enhanced lures with the goal of giving anglers the best tools possible to catch more fish. I think it’s fair to say that forward-facing sonar has changed the way we approach fisheries, and has taught us a lot about fish that we never knew existed. With these new lures from Berkley, you can see how fish react to your lure in real time, and make adjustments within the same cast.

Berkley designed the Krej, Finisher and Power Switch for use in conjunction with forward-facing sonar. These lures are designed to be cast to specific fish, allowing you to adjust your retrieve based on their reaction. All three of these options come equipped with a fast sinking rate, making them ideal for targeting both deep and shallow suspended fish. The Krej is the most revolutionary lure of the bunch, creating a whole new category of lure.

What is craig?

KREJ is simply a reverse spelling, and that’s exactly what it is. It has an inverted bill that allows you to flip the bait and run it upwards in the water column. This allows you to quickly pull the fish to the surface, often resulting in some intense explosions. The Berkley Krej has incredible sides that shake when dropped, and actually slides back when left. This allows the bait to move back towards the fish, giving them a presentation they are not accustomed to seeing.

This lure is 4 inches long and comes in a variety of different color options. The Berkley Krej weighs about 1/2 ounce allowing for accurate casts even in windy conditions. This bait also has a fast sinking rate, allowing the bait to quickly reach suspended fish. This will be a major player nationwide and should perform very well in the herring fishery. Although this lure may resemble a jerkbait, its upside-down bill allows you to fish this lure in completely different ways.

How to fish craig

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with my good friend and Elite Series Rookie Logan Parks about the new Berkley Krej. I knew he had some experience with lures, and I wanted to learn about some productive techniques for fishing this new style of lure. Logans has used this bait in a variety of spotted bass fisheries throughout the South, and shared some trick tips from Krejing to get the fish to stick consistently.

“There are so many ways to fish this bait and that’s why I love it so much,” Logan explained. “I can use forward-facing sonar to let the fish tell me how they want the bait to work, and learn from how they react to different presentations. I can put this bait over the structure and pull the fish out, and then I can Pausing it and feeding the bait back right into their faces. The bait has an incredible rolling action when reeled straight which seems to strike bass as well. It can also be reeled to the surface like a dying minnow causing violent strikes on topwaters.

I think this bait will be absolutely killer for the herring fishery and I can’t wait to use it on the Murray in an elite event later this year. I’m also looking forward to seeing all the different ways everyone will use this bait now that it’s available to the public. With the increasing use of electronics in tournament fishing, I believe this lure will be a major player throughout the upcoming tournament season.

Craig’s Fishing Experience

Krej fishing with forward-facing sonar is a fun and productive way to target bass all over the country. Our local river systems in Auburn, Alabama are covered in spotted tar, creating an ideal location to test the new Craig River. Throughout the winter, spotted bass tend to stop offshore in search of bait. Targeting these fish with krig is an effective way to catch these nomadic fish. Logan recently shared his experience testing the Craig River on one of our local river systems.

“This was my first time fishing the Craig River, so I didn’t know what to expect,” Logan stated. “After shooting several fish hanging on my bait, I noticed that they would not adhere to my twitching offer. When I saw the fish follow my bait to the boat without… To bite it, I quickly realized I needed to change my approach. I then started to find fish on the forward-facing sonar, cast the krig in front of them, and slowly reeled it alongside them. As the fish got closer to the bait, I would increase my retrieve a little. As the fish approached the surface, The fish exploded on my bait, yanking it out and pulling itself out of the water. It was one of the most epic shots I’d had all year, and at this point I knew we were on to something.

Over the next few hours of fishing, we quickly put together a strong limit of spotted bass, catching a few in the 4-pound class. That’s when I found a bass about 20 feet deep on the forward-facing sonar. All of the fish we caught before we caught them were swimming 15 feet or less. I lined up my sonar and dropped the bait perfectly in front of the fish. As I watched my bait sink to the bottom and slide back toward him, he immediately saw it and fell right into my line. I ate this fish because of the sideways movement and the falling backwards movement. This helped us complete the puzzle for the day and we ended up with a few nice spotted bass in the 3 1/2 pound range.

Set up

Craig fishing does not require any special preparation. A traditional jerkbait setup with anything from 8 to 12 pounds will work perfectly for the majority of applications. For a rod, I prefer a 7-foot medium action with a parabolic tip. The Abu Garcia Veritas casting rod is a great choice for this technique. For a reel, I prefer something light with a high gear ratio. This allows for fast retrieval speed and maximum comfort when fishing this lure for long periods of time. A great reel for this application is the Abu Garcia Zenon X casting reel.

The Berkley Krej is a completely new style of lure that is sure to attract giant bass all over the country. Berkeley was able to create an improved lure for forward-facing sonar thanks to its unique fall and movement. If you’re looking to put more fish in the boat this year with forward-facing sonar, be sure to check out the new Krej 100 and the rest of Berkeley’s forward-facing sonar lineup.

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