Fishermen rejoice: Sega offers free Steam keys for Sega Bass Fishing, the classic Sega Dreamcast fishing game

It’s just summer vibes, baby. It’s July, it’s hot, I think of fun in the sun, I think of Sega Bass Fishing. Sega is offering free Steam keys for its often-traveled classic Arcade/Dreamcast games as a limited-time promotion — just sign up for the company’s mailing list to receive a free copy of the normally $8 game on August 1.

I did so right away, checked my email, and eagerly waited for my code only to discover this one catch: Sega wouldn’t send out the codes until after the promotion ended. You have until July 31st to sign up for your free copy of Sega Bass Fishing, and codes will be sent out after that on August 1st. That’s okay, instead of instant gratification, you’re sending a gift to your future self, like when there was a six-month wait on Steam Deck pre-orders.

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