Fish waste!!! By Montana Grant

Fish waste!!!  By Montana Grant

Fish guts are a byproduct of cleaning fish. The insides of the fish, its skin, its head and its fins must be removed. If you throw the guts into your trash, they will start to rot and smell bad. If you clean your fish on Saturday and the garbage man doesn’t come until Tuesday, you’ll end up with droppings, a foul smell, and a rotten mess.

The smell of droppings is worse in the warmer months. During the winter, the insides will freeze. Just make sure the guts are in a bag on something that keeps them from freezing to the bottom or sides of the trash can.

During the warmer months, use the freezer to help control odor. Place leftovers in an airtight bag and freeze solid. When trash day comes, place the frozen leftovers in the trash. This will prevent bad odor, insects and unhappy neighbors.

Covering fish waste is a good idea, but bury it deep. The rotting mess will attract creatures that will attempt to excavate the buried entrails. Pets in your garden will do the same. They love to roll around in a rotten mess. Spoiled offal can make your pets sick, so find a way to contain the guts. Use fencing or plenty of weights to contain the guts and reduce any unpleasant odor.

Some fishermen clean their fish along the river or lake where they were caught. The dumpster ends up leaving a mess for everyone to see until the crows and trash pickers show up. Ice anglers leave their droppings near holes. Eagles and crows will quickly clean up this mess, but you reveal the location of your honey hole.

At least throw the guts into a hole or out of sight. Diseases can be easily spread by contaminated waste. The unpleasant odor will also attract insects and insects. When I clean fish in the field, I use the boat to move them offshore. A rock in the grocery bag will sink nutrient-laden leftovers. Plastic store bags contain cornstarch, which helps them decompose.

Ice fishermen also push the entrails down the ice hole. It sounds bad but at some point, the raptors are going to clean up the mess. Carcass waste is full of nutrients and can be beneficial in more sterile lakes.

Fish entrails may also be ideal for believability. A frozen mass of fish parts can be dropped over the side of the boat to attract other fish. Halibut fishermen use this trick to bring in hungry butts. Catfish and other bottom feeders can be attracted to the delicious stench.

Your slices may also have a muddy or strong taste. Try desalting fish fillets using a bath of cold water and a teaspoon of baking soda. After soaking for an hour, or overnight, rinse and enjoy.

Served with lemon and a delicious side sauce.

Montana Grant

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