Minnesota’s regular waterfowl season begins this weekend

Minnesota’s regular waterfowl season begins a half-hour before sunrise on Saturday, Sept. 23, with the same regulations as last year. Minnesota has three waterfowl hunting areas — North, Central and South — that share a season opener on September 23 but have different end dates. The central and southern regions also have a mid-season closure from October 2 to 6.

Anglers are advised that water levels may be low due to dry conditions across the state. Pre-season scouting can help determine any changes anglers need to make to access their preferred fishing spots. Hunters should check the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ waterfowl hunting page for complete information including season dates, regulations, waterfowl identification guide, and weekly waterfowl migration reports.

Teach a child to hunt small game during a kids hunting weekend

Getting young people outdoors to chase squirrels, rabbits and other small game is the focus of Take a Kid Hunting Weekend on Saturday, September 23, and Sunday, September 24. During the weekend, adult Minnesotans are accompanied by younger people. 16 may hunt small game without a license, although they must adhere to open seasons, limits and other regulations.

The fishing mini game is a great way to introduce kids to fishing. Children learn how to look for game tag, properly handle firearms, and access hunting grounds – all without spending a lot of time sitting and being quiet. Anyone who wants to learn how to hunt can find helpful how-to guides on the Minnesota DNR website as well as a recorded webinar on how to get started hunting small game. Small game hunting regulations are available on the Minnesota DNR small game hunting web page.

Minnesota DNR webinars focus on sandhill cranes and planning a bird hunting trip

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources invites people interested in wildlife and outdoor skills to view the fall program schedule for the Minnesota Outdoor Skills and Stewardship Series.

In a webinar on Wednesday, September 20, Jade Pederson, a refuge park ranger at Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge near St. Cloud, and Cynthia McSherry, a refuge volunteer, will share the life history and migration of sandhill cranes. Greater sandhill cranes are now common throughout Minnesota, and as many as 29,000 greater sandhill cranes can be found in the wetlands of Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge during the peak of the crane migration in the fall. The loud, varied calls, dancing skills and huge wingspans of the cranes make them an exciting sight to behold.

In a webinar on Wednesday, September 27, Minnesota DNR biologists and bird hunting experts will cover how to plan an upland bird hunting trip. They’ll answer questions and talk about helpful resources, must-have items, and everything to consider when planning a successful road trip.

The Minnesota Outdoor Skills and Supervision Series webinars are free and offered throughout the year, although registration is required. Visit the Minnesota DNR’s Outdoor Skills and Supervision webpage for the registration portal, more information about upcoming webinars and recordings for past webinars.

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