Fish and Game would like to hear your thoughts on this global fishing schedule

Fish and Game would like to hear your thoughts on this global fishing schedule

PEEKABOO, Idaho – Silver Creek near Peekaboo has been attracting anglers for ages. A destination for trout fishing, the 27-mile-long creek is subject to multiple seasonal openings and closings, so sportsmen must be aware of the regulations for each bend of the river they may wish to fish. As part of the regular season preparation, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is seeking feedback on a potential change that could simplify the season for this fishery.

  • A change to Magic Valley Fisheries could streamline season openings and closings at Silver Creek in Peekaboo, and Hagerman Ponds near Hagerman.
  • IDF&G is hosting two open houses in the Magic Valley region to gather input, along with sessions across the state.
  • The Jerome Town Hall meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, February 13 at the Magic Valley Regional Office, 324 S. 417 E., Hwy 93 Business Park.
  • The open house will be held in Healy at 6:30 pm Tuesday. Feb. 20 at the Blaine County Campus, 1050 Fox Acres Road.

(Below is the transcript of the broadcast story)

Chad Chorney wasn’t born fishing, but it didn’t take long to get hooked.

“Once I was old enough to be able to hold a rod,” Chorney told Idaho News 6. “There are pictures of me, 3 or 4 years old, catching a small fish in upstate New York.”

When he started fly fishing in high school, it became his favorite way to catch fish.

The challenge first brought Chad to Silver Creek more than 20 years ago.

To show me what makes Silver Creek a world-class destination, Chorney took me just a quarter mile down the road from Peekaboo Anglers’ Shop, where he is general manager.

“It’s very technical and challenging,” Chorney said. “It has a lot of nuance. If you become a good angler at Silver Creek, you know you can take that everywhere else and become a good angler, too.”

Many of the streams here are fed by melting snow, are fast and rocky, and do not have a large insect population. The fish in those streams are more willing to eat something.

But Silver Creek is spring-fed and slow-moving, which ultimately means a lot for trout.

“There is a lot of natural food in Silver Creek, and the abundance and density of aquatic insects and the availability of food in large quantities makes it difficult to trick one of these fish into imitating you,” Chorney said.

Silver Creek has several sections governed by several different opening and closing dates. It can be difficult for an angler to keep up to know which part of the creek to fish and when.

Silvercreek has some nuances when it comes to regulations. Different sections are open at different times or different methods can be used.

To simplify some of these regulations, Fish & Game is talking about consolidating multiple sections on the same open season dates.

“I think you know it’s a good idea to try to simplify things and make it easier for everyone to understand,” Chorney said. “There’s no doubt that this is a good thing. You want to do it the right way. In a way that makes sense and still provides recreational opportunities for everyone.”

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