First Pixel 9 leak teases out the weird wrapping of the camera bar

First Pixel 9 leak teases out the weird wrapping of the camera bar


  • The upcoming Google Pixel 9 Pro is expected to feature a redesigned camera bar and flat sides, deviating from the previous design language.
  • The controversial temperature sensor is expected to return, although its usefulness remains in doubt.
  • The Pixel 9 Pro’s screen size is rumored to be 6.5 inches, slightly smaller than its predecessor, but there are doubts about the accuracy of this claim.

Since the Pixel 6 introduced Google’s existing design language, the company has leaned heavily on the look of that camera bar, only making minor changes like incorporating more metal around the camera sensors or sculpting the cutouts to make it look more like a search bar. Most of us have been happy with it, citing the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” when discussing the Pixel’s seemingly stagnant design. From the looks of things, Google itself is ready for a bit of a change, as the first renders of the Pixel 9 Pro have now surfaced, and they show a decent departure from these past few generations.

Reliable leaker @onlex, in collaboration with MySmartPrice, has revealed some key details about the upcoming flagship phone – most notably, the camera bar has been redesigned and the sides of the phone’s frame are now flat. The latter appears to be an early design trend for Android brands in 2024, as they look to replicate Apple’s success with recent iPhones that feature the same flat look. As for the camera bar, it is no longer integrated into the frame, and has a rounded appearance that mirrors the search bar-like shape in the camera clip.

A closer look at the camera bar on the back of the phone shows a familiar sensor: Google’s controversial temperature sensor appears to be ready to return with the Pixel 9 Pro. So far, we’ve found that it’s not particularly useful, mainly because you have to do a bunch of math to use it as a thermometer for humans — you know, the main reason someone would want to use such a feature. Hopefully, Google can get the necessary approvals for use on humans before the Pixel 9 Pro debuts.

Another interesting piece of information is the screen size – according to the leak, the Pixel 9 Pro’s screen will measure 6.5 inches diagonally, down from 6.7 inches on the Pixel 8 Pro. We’re a bit skeptical about this claim, however – the reported height is actually a tenth of a millimeter taller than last year, and the bezels don’t look significantly larger, so we expect a similar screen size when the official specs are revealed.

As for these dimensions, MySmartPrice reports that the Pixel 9 Pro’s body size will be 162.7 x 76.6 x 8.5mm when measured at its thinnest point, which works out to 12mm when measured on the camera strap. Compared to the Pixel 8 Pro, this will be almost identical in height, slightly wider, and slightly thinner than last year’s measurements of 162.6 x 76.5 x 8.8mm.

Judging by the renders, the rear camera setup appears to be largely unchanged, with the main shooter supported by an ultra-wide lens and a periscope telephoto camera. Given Google’s tendency to stick with camera hardware over multiple generations to ensure improved software and post-processing, this seems reasonable — especially since the Pixel 8 Pro introduced new camera sensors just last year.


Google Pixel 9: news, leaks, rumored price and release window

Let’s take a look at what Google has in store for its 2024 flagship devices

The leak doesn’t cover internal specifications, price, or release date, but we expect this phone to be powered by Google’s Tensor G4 SoC. The Pixel 8 Pro starts at $1,000, and we don’t expect that number to drop. As for the release date, Google is pretty reliable with its fall launches, having announced its flagship Pixel phone in October for several years in a row, so we don’t expect that to change either.

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