First Look: Playlist changes coming to Rocket League | Rocket League®

First Look: Playlist changes coming to Rocket League |  Rocket League®

Hello all!

We wanted to give you an early look at some of the changes coming Rocket League Run the list Next season.

To start, the playlist has been improved for the first time since Rocket League became free-to-play in 2020. Each submenu will feature a new square design, and will have a simplified layout that helps old and new players alike navigate through the menu. Menu operation is easier and faster.

New playlist 2023

Not a final version – for clarification only.

Along with the new look, we’re changing where some online playlists and other modes are located in the new playlist. We’re merging Competitive Playlists and Additional Modes Playlists into a new one competitive The card, which allows you to stand in the queue for up to six Different competitive playlists simultaneously. By fulfilling long-standing community demand, you’ll finally be able to queue for modes like 3v3 Standard and 2v2 Hoops at the same time.

As part of this merger, we will alternate between Competitive Snow Day and Dropshot each season. Next season will include a competitive snow day, and the day after that will include a competitive snow day, and so on.

New Playlist 2023 - Competitive Card

Not a final version – for clarification only.

Big changes are coming unofficial Card as well, including two new Arcade playlists. They will rotate weekly through additional modes like Heatseeker, Spike Rush, Rocket Labs, and more! Dropshot and Snow Day will also appear in the Arcade tournament when one of the competitive playlists is not active, so expect to see Dropshot appear next season.

Along with these new playlists, 4v4 Chaos is evolving into a new game Big party playlistalternating weekly between 4v4 Chaos and Knockout.

New Playlist 2023 - Regular Card

Not a final version – for clarification only.

Exhibition Mode, Season Mode, and Workshop Maps will now be independent play offline Card and new Special match The card has both Private Match and LAN Match options. an exercise It has the same options you know and love, just with an updated look.

Finally, we’re making some additional quality of life changes to the playlist:

  • You can join an existing private match directly from training or from an offline match.

  • Load and launch a different workshop map when you are already in the workshop map.

  • When you’re in a party, you can now see your rank even when you’re not the party leader.

Although this covers what you should expect alongside the next season, we’re not finished with the changes and additions to the playlist yet. Our goal in the first few months of 2024 is to give you more influence over which modes appear in the Arcade playlist, which we’ll talk more about in the new year.

Along with new and different ways to play, we’re actively working on other quality of life improvements that address important community-oriented topics, including smurfing and skill mode improvements. As we head into the upcoming Rocket League season and the exciting holiday season, expect to hear more about these changes and improvements in 2024. Thanks everyone!

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